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Japanese automotive corporation has decided to revive its brand Datsun. But for the Russian market this decision, to put it mildly, somewhat unusual. And in the world automotive industry I do not recall. In general, judge for yourself …

Nissan has revealed new details about the development of the brand Datsun. As previously reported, under the revived brand will be produced low-end models. Information about the first of which has already leaked to the Internet.

Today the newspaper "Vedomosti" referring to the executive vice president of Nissan Motor Andy Palmer reports that the first "Datsun" will go on sale in Russia in 2014. In this case, the market will come just two models. They will create based on Lada Kalina / Granta, and the release will Volga car (or a company owned by him in Izhevsk). The cost of new items will be 300-350 thousand rubles, that is, the car will be more expensive "Grants" and will be a direct competitor of "Kalina".

Later, Nissan will start producing two models Datsun in India and China. It is unlikely that Kalina will be the basis for the "Datsun" for other markets, but in the era of globalization, this option can not be excluded.

Nissan Datsun brand positioning as "the first new car in the family." A key feature of the machine should be the fact that they consist exclusively of components produced in the country of assembly. The Russian plan sales Datsun — an impressive 100,000 vehicles per year.

Lada and low-end models of Renault and Nissan will compete, but to "cannibalism" between the models will not come, the director of "AvtoVAZ" External Relations Igor Burenkov. The strategy of "AvtoVAZ" into account the possibility of production of cars under different brands — Lada, Renault and Nissan, he adds.

Agree with him a representative of Renault Oksana Nazarova: participants automotive alliances often produce models in similar price range, but since each brand of your face, then for each are and their customers. In addition, the low-end segment of the Russian automotive market is very much space, adds Nazarov.

Those wishing to sell a new brand of so many, many Nissan dealers have already submitted an application for a dealership Datsun. Although the margin on low-end small dealers can count on a good pace: given the demand for low-cost cars, everyone understands that the new model will sell well.

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A little bit of myself

Although substantially all of the text in the future tense, but the work is not just a Datsun, and boils. According to the website project is called NRV-2196. Almost standard vazovskuyu designation. The vase is usually just called "project 21ZZ" (by the way, really existed). Tsyfrovoe designation inherent vazovskim projects (and the continuation of Granta/Kalina-2) Well bukovki easily interpreted by a Nissan-Renault-VAZ (although the project without bukovok I heard it, but you never know …)

In fact, this kind of response to those who have buried the engineering and design services VAZ. In the meantime, foreign car VAZ designs brand, although it is more for the domestic market, but the step is the hardest.

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