Day care centers in Rostov-on-Don has appeared 500 new jobs

For 6 months in 2013 in the kindergartens of the city appeared 500 new seats.  
City Hall continues to work to expand the system of pre-school educational institutions. In 2013, the city authorities intend to implement a program for the construction of kindergartens. For comparison, if in 2012 the network was extended to pre-school places in 1050, then in 2013, plans to create 2,540 new jobs.

As the press service of the Administration of Rostov, for example, in June, in the Leninsky district opened the city‘s first mobile kindergarten, capable of accommodating up to 80 kids a day.

Another 140 seats were created in the first half of the year thanks to the return to the municipal network of preschool number 225. About 200 seats appeared in private kindergartens. In addition, extra seats were added through a full day to create a group acting on the basis of pre-schools.

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