Day discoveries Ivanteevka: fountain, dentistry and new production

Tuesday, August 20, was marked by a number of Ivanteevka grand opening. The city was visited by delegation leaders of the Moscow region, headed by the chairman of the regional Duma Igor Bryntsalov.

Met them head Sergei Ivanteevka Gridnev, Chairman of the Board of Deputies Elena Sukhanov and other leaders and members of Ivanteevka. The city boasted achievements: the discovery of the fountain, capitally renovated house, a house in which to get invited to the city of professionals in the public sector, updated dentistry and expansion of production at the plant "Huhtamaki".

  • Opening dentistry Ivanteevka

New dental clinic at the School, equipped to the best paid clinics, has acquired literally regional implications.

  • Huhtamaki, Ivanteevka

Ltd. "Huhtamaki CIS Region" in celebration of the 20th anniversary in Russia has expanded and opened a new plant for the production of packaging for eggs. At the ceremony on the occasion of the Ambassador of Finland to Russia Hannu Himanen. He stressed the importance of bilateral relations between the two countries in the development of production and thanked the Government of the Moscow Region and the City of Ivanteevka for a favorable investment climate.

  • The opening of a new production at the plant "Huhtamaki" Ivanteevka

During the visit, Igor Bryntsalov noted that Ivanteyevka is one of the fastest growing cities in the Moscow region, where a team of like-minded, able to solve the challenges of the Government to the welfare of the Russians.

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