Day noted bald fun

Remember the phrase — "if the bald spot in front — this is from the mind, if the back — then walk, and if the front and back — then walks with mind?" So, in early June in Moscow bald walked wisely and in a big way. Capital Club bald men «Brutalmen» celebrated the International Day of bald.

Yes, imagine that for the third year there is a celebration. And it is established in Moscow bald. And now this day is celebrated also in Germany, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan …
The main principle of the Club bald — kindness and decency. In the tradition of the club — a gentleman’s attitude towards girls. And the festival was a lot of very pretty ladies.

The event was held in a very casual and comfortable atmosphere — at three-deck luxury ship with a funny name "finch-2." Nearly six hours here was an atmosphere of friendship, humor, love. The music never stopped, not for a moment did not stop dancing. Even takes a couple of times warm June rain is not chastened Shaved club members and their guests. Honestly, I have not seen so many happy people in one place.

"Bald — it’s brilliant! — The chairman of the club, Andrei Popov. — Bald — is brutal! Bald — this means that you can more than others! It is known that bald is more likely to fall into the power structure. We are quite successful in business, in science, in art, and, perhaps, in all areas. Brutal man can not be intimidated, you can not buy, and that is why bald enjoyed success with women. "

I, frankly, too lyseyu and even trying to hide it. But after that day on the "Siskin-2" in the company of brutal men, thought — and maybe shave off all shaved …

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