[Img =] Football players, coaches and staff of FC "Rostov" thank you for the support given to the first home game against the Moscow "Locomotive"! You have once again proven that the right is the "12th player" of our team. [Cut] FC "Rostov" apologizes to fans for shortcomings in the organization of the first home game of the season, especially with regard to the passage of the south platform. Club together with services that provide security at the stadium, take measures to address the deficiencies and prevent them in the future. At the same time, FC "Rostov" shares the concerns of the fans expressed on websites — guest book, "Rostov Network Maniacs" and our "Southern Stand" at the repeated violations of the rules of conduct during the match at the stadium, and the inadequate state of so- called "football fans" that will result in fines FTC RFU imposed on the club. This harms the good reputation of the fans "Rostov" FC "Rostov" has decided that all the fans who have a ticket (with a stored control) south tribune March 22, but missed in the stadium bowl, have the right to free access to a home game " Rostov "with" Zenith ", which will take place on May 3. To do this, you need to register your ticket for the match with the "locomotive" in the club office at Ave Sholokhov 31st to April 10th, 2009. We’re a team — "Rostov"!

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