Decent earnings were only in Russian

Ogurtsevod Keys Kranenburg went to Russia last January. Frisco, cucumber breeders association, invited him to establish a modern production. Nine months later, Kranenburg happy that I agreed, and then talks about his work in Russia.




"What really shocked me, because it is a free space" — says Keys. "Russia certainly the greatest country in the world, once you feel it." Basically it works mentor. Daily talks with the Netherlands through the Internet and Skype. Once every six weeks goes to see his family.



The main difference, in his view, business in Russia for a clear delineation of responsibility. "In Holland, everything is interconnected. And in Russia strictly separate. Each has its own task. And a huge difference in the profit and margin. Skukozhilas In the Netherlands all, and only a decent income in Russia."

Another difference lies in the hard sense of responsibility. "Russian does not work in a hurry. They are very calculating. According to my opinion in Holland we often mindlessly at risk."



And briefly about the weather: "Basically the same as in the Netherlands, only colder winters. Terribly cold."

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