Declassified BAZ. Production and testing

Perhaps for the first time in its history opened its doors to the press the most closed auto plant in Russia — Bryansk Automobile Plant, or abbreviated as BAZ.

Just returned today from the company and that I want to share. 

During Soviet times, BAZ has been developing and manufacturing special wheel chassis and tractors for mobile missile complexes, as well as multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS).

Among the most famous:

RK "Moon"

MLRS "Hurricane"

And as for anti-ship COMPLEX"Redoubt"

And as for anti-ship COMPLEX"Redoubt"

In the 70s there were created chassisSAM "Wasp"

Well, the most famousRK "Point"

And without exaggeration unique chassisRK "Oka"

After a night not to let the remembrance of Misha labeled under the knife last, was destroyed and all the technological equipment used in the manufacture of the chassis. As a result, the company lost and orders and finished products and equipment that is found in the crisis, and then came dashing 90.

No need to describe all the problems faced by the BAZ during that time.

In the early 2000s, there is practically on the ruins created a new family of wheeled chassis for the needs of the Ministry of Defense, which was called"Wax". It is on its production and managed to see.

First picture of where to begin bases, namely from the tractor, to whom a monument on the premises.

Production begins with the metal. Here’s a local welder:

And here lies the power components of the future frame. It is clearly seen production equipment, which is able to return to life, his new course will not name


Then the frame is sent to the conveyor. It is important to note that the special wheel chassis — a commodity and a unique piece, each piece is performed by the customer’s requirements, that is, there is not the belt that makes the cars. Production volumes in the hundreds per year.

Torsion bar suspension, a reduction gear and differential lock

Engines domestic, manufacturing plant Tutaevsky:

Cab ascetic. It is clear that the requirements of the military have not changed much, although the seat and adjustable air conditioning.

Once the chassis is ready, it is sent to the factory running. By the end of it back to the shop, where he was visiting again.

The control of these monsters spend ladies:

The vehicle is sent to the customer.

But especially for us the customer decided to wait and cars went to the bank of the Desna river, where shown to their best.

Operated machines here are severe drivers:

Conquered the dunes tractor BAZ-6402, the one that carries the rocket system S-300 and S-400

He then conquered the river

Chassis without any training was easy fording depth of 170 cm

And goes to the bank:

To keep the purity of the experiment on the chassis installed ballast. Weight of the steel cube — 11 tons.

BAZ also d
eveloped a system loader, which is installed on almost all trucks. We showed how it works with KAMAZ

Then we went to a design office. Here the future is born.

Promising direction — is to use the chassis BAZ in the cranes up to 200 tons:

And here is a sketch of the chassis, on which work is in full swing:

Now the plant is loaded at 100% and even suffers from a lack of personnel. But at the same time, there are problems about which I will prepare a separate materialMIC newspaper.

So instead of Psa little video. Wonders of mounting any just stuck together with records:

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