Defender ‘Spartacus’ Sergei Parshivlyuk: In the end was nervousness

[Img =] Sergei Parshivlyuk back in the "Spartacus" after the enforced break due to injury. ‘Comeback’ defense came in extremely difficult away match against the "Rostov", which this season achieves outstanding results in games with the leaders. In addition, summer games at the Don fraught with harsh climatic conditions — unbearable heat. So the precedent with the midfielder of "Rubin" Petr Bystrov, who conducted the heat after the match was in the hospital, a game in Rostov moved to nine in the evening, when the sun had set. — Sergey, how justified this step with the transfer of the match tonight? — This is justified by two percent, because there was no sun, and somehow be able to play. If we were playing at four, I do not know that it would be … And so had easy. Probably, and television images it was clear that all players have dry lips. But somehow easier — the sun, again, was not there. [Cut] Rostov this season — one of the surprises of the championship. Pleasant — for all of Rostov-on-Don, is not the most enjoyable — for all other cities in the Premier League. Especially hard in matches with clients Oleg Dolmatova have flagships of Russian football. So the mood for this match was needed superboevoy. — Adjusts to hard match — continues Parshivlyuk. — First of all — the weather. Second — played on the road. "Rostov" shows very good football, they beat CSKA Moscow, "Ruby", "Zenit". It was clear that the winner of the game that one who wants to. — What Karpin separately drew your attention to the team of Oleg Dolmatova? — Said that they left back Andjelkovic good "walks" along to have been careful in this moment. Also said that the Rostov players spend too dangerous counterattacks. — Rostov fell short of your expectations? In the case they played up "Zenit" with CSKA? — It’s hard to say, I have not seen all their games against CSKA and Petrograd. But the game can be seen that this team is very good level, organized, well-installs coach. Arriving at the crowded stadium "Olympus", the red and white tushevatsya were not from the first minute and took matters into their own hands. Until particularly dangerous moments is not reached, but the goalkeeper "Rostov" stand in the frame around the door was not necessary. Let the early goal and failed, but three points — in the bank Muscovites, and therefore, the installation of the game has been completed. And even injury Saenko did not affect the willingness and desire to win Spartacus. — Installation was such that from the first minute to show that came not just a team — arrived yet, "Spartacus", — says Sergey. — A trauma Saenko and output Sabitova influenced the course of the game? I had to somehow rebuild? — In principle, the special evolutions were not — the player went to the same zone. I think Sabitov very well in play, we can say that we did not notice the loss of a soldier. But, of course, very sad that Ivan was injured. I hope that it’s nothing serious. Welliton goal scored in the 72th minute of the meeting, was the only one, though his countryman Alex in the end of the match was a brilliant moment that has remained unrealized. But football god for this evening forgotten about the notorious laws and left the gate Soslan Dzhanaeva intact. However, the red-and-white had a little nervous. — Hammer in his moment Alex seven minutes before the end, the question would be removed and we would quietly see out those remaining minutes. Although at the moment when Alex did not score, appeared in my mind the thought that here you do not score — scored (laughs). But well, that survived, although there was a slight nervousness, especially in that moment when the ball hit the post. But all ended well. — That is no mood to play the retention of minimum benefits? — No, we have continued to play as well as playing to the goal. Strictly in the defense, and players who can decide ahead of the episode, we have.

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