Defense Ministry to increase the order is clear and Borei

Russian state armaments program for 2011-2020 has undergone significant changes compared to the version of the document, partially articulated in February last year. According to the newspaper "Kommersant" reported, citing sources in the Ministry of Defence of Russia, now the document provides a greater amount of the purchase of arms and military equipment. Hardest changed that part of the program, which involves the development and strengthening of the Navy.

In particular, the document now covers purchasing not eight strategic nuclear submarines of project 955 "Borey", and ten of these ships. Moreover, the military intend to purchase the same number of multi-purpose submarine Project 885 "Yasen". All ships will be built now Severodvinsk "Sevmash". In addition, the Navy until 2020, will be delivered by 20 submarines, including six designed by 636.3 "Varshavyanka."

The number of frigates, planned to buy, has been reduced from 15 to 14 units. Thus, under the state armaments program will receive eight navy frigates of Project 22350, and six Project 11356. The first will be built on the "Severnaya Verf", and the second — at the "Amber". The number of corvettes scheduled to procurement, has not changed and remains at 35 units, of which 18 — 20380 and 20385. In addition, the Russian Defense Ministry intends to buy six small artillery ships of project 21630 "Desperado" and six large amphibious ships of project 11711.

Earlier, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozinzayavil that Russia is developing a plan of increasing the power of the Navy, designed for 30 years. Elaboration of the document is completed, expected in June this year. Details of the new plan are not yet known. In addition, Rogozin announced that the amount of funding the needs of the Russian Navy in 2012-2014 will amount to ten per cent of the state defense order. LG-2012 is set at 900 billion rubles, including state guarantees to enterprises.

In April 2011, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said that 2020 will be the modernization of the Navy spent five trillion rubles. It is about a quarter of the total funding of the state program of armaments.

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