Defense test start Rysachka

In the State Flight Test Center Ahtubinska in the Astrakhan region begin testing a new light twin-engine aircraft, "Rysachok." Russian Defense Ministry plans to use it to patrol and reconnaissance, search and rescue and in the training areas.

"Rysachok" was originally painted in the colors of the Russian tricolor, but to take part in the MAKS-2013 it specifically "dressed" in camouflage, where he was standing in a number of other aircraft already in the service of the Russian Air Force. However, in order to be "enrolled" in the military, this boy is not enough green-and-white uniforms. It will have to go through a whole series of tests to prove that he can perform not only civilians, but also combat missions.

Originally "Rysachok" was created as a training aircraft for civil aviation. In 2007, it was planned that he would "exhaust" the aircraft during flight school training of cadets.

In the manufacture of an experimental batch took several years, and its first flight, "Rysachok" committed at the end of 2010. Now, however, it is clear that he can carry his service not only in the civil, but also in military aviation.

400 kilometers per hour — a speed can reach the plane and overcome 2,000 kilometers.

According to Andrew Fedulova, head of the organization of scientific research "TsSKB Progress", the walls of which was born "Rysachok", their offspring has a great future. "The highlight of the" glass cockpit aircraft is equipped with modern appliances, two engines, a large cargo door, through which it is also possible landing parachutists.

And the fact that it is made of aluminum alloy, tested for years, is also a guarantee of quality. Of the benefits referred to as agility, small size, and powerful enough chassis, which is important when landing on the ground.

As training, this lightweight multi-purpose twin-engine turboprop aircraft, designed by "Technoavia" was designed for two pilots and five students. In aviation it can accommodate up to ten passengers.

Its maximum capacity is one and a half tons. "Rysachok" can reach speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour and cover 2,000 kilometers.

The Ministry of Defence seriously interested in this plane and on the results of the tests are ready to send terms of reference for the further development and closer to military standards to take into their ranks.

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