Defense will create a new network-horizon radar

The Ministry of Defence of Russia began to create a network of radars that allow for airspace surveillance within a radius of three thousand miles away. According to the source, "Interfax" in the heart of the new radar systems will be "Container". 

The interviewee noted that the network can be deployed at short notice and will conduct reconnaissance radar airspace, even outside of the border. Specific dates, number of stations, their location and other details were not disclosed.

The-horizon radar (OTH-Radar) "Container" developed research and production complex "RI distance radio communication." The principle of reflection of radio waves is determined (the order of ten meters), the length of the ionosphere, which allows to detect a target even when it is hidden behind the horizon. The first such station was built shortly after the Second World War, after which the technology is consistently improving.

The system, based on similar Duga different from other network-horizon radar "Voronezh": used for the observation of objects in space and detecting launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The main objective of "containers" to the identification of small-ship cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Probably to 5452, in / h 80158 in Gorodets these is the spatial wave radar station "Container". Just as in the Soviet "arcs" has two antenna arrays at the two sub-bands — high frequency and low frequency. The detection range according to some 500-2,5 thousand miles. It is planned to build 10-12 of these stations, mainly in the European part of Russia.

Thus, in the early warning system can observe the gradual construction of a continuous multi-band field: the same north-south "corridor" is closed stations VHF and UHF, which will soon be added meters long "container", which is quite logical. That’s how it was planned in the Union, when between "Daryalami ‘presupposes the existence decimeter" Volga ". That is why by the way do not give up Gabala — although there was Armavir.

For the greater harmonization would be nice to have, and X-band-s to connect to the system. But these are the locators in the centimeter range MARS, supplying high-resolution radar data, will be part of the complex S-500. Early warning system of the country is closely linked with the means of the CCP and ABM, all of them are developed as part of a whole.

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