Defined co-operation for the production of the An-70


The Russian and Ukrainian aircraft builders have agreed to establish a joint serial production of the An-70, reported in Wednesday’s press service KAPO. Gorbunov (Kazan, Tatarstan).


"To date, the Russian side has fully funded its portion of the costs to complete the research, development and technology (R & D) on AN-70", — said the President — General Designer of the Civil Code "Antonov" Dmitry Kiva, quoted press office.


According to him, also addressed the issue of the serial production of the aircraft. In particular, the approved scheme of cooperation with the Russian manufacturer’s serial — CAPO them. Gorbunov, signed a timetable for the transfer of documentation for the development of mass production, for which the territory of the Kazan association is preparing ground.


D.Kiva added that the Ministry of Defence has already "half" provided funding for its research and development costs of the program.


"At present the modernization of the electronic board of the AN-70, is preparing to start the final phase of state testing of the upgraded aircraft with the Ministries of Defense of Ukraine and Russia", — said D.Kiva.


CAPO them. Gorbunov — a modern enterprise with high intellectual and technical potential, which has 85 years of experience in military and civilian aircraft.


Kazan Aircraft Factory was established in 1927 and has always been advanced in the development of new types of passenger and military aircraft. Over the years, the CAPO them. Gorbunov released 22 types and modifications of aircraft totaling more than 20,000 units.


At present, the plant is mass production, maintenance airliner Tu-214 and its modifications, construction, repair and modernization of strategic bombers Tu-160.


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