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Mark Deftaudio — a creative union of musicians, producers of musical instruments and just good people who have their own vision of the world and sound understanding of it.
Deftaudio has not only its own production, but also collaborates with various companies and material suppliers to ensure the required quality. We strive to make our tools available, save where it is needed, and use the best, where justified.

Among the offers of the company can be found:
— The legendary instrument Laser Harp (Laser Harp), existing in the world only a few copies are now produced in Russia.
— A unique percussion instrument DreamBall
— Author’s version of the world-renowned musical instrument Reactable.
— Theremin.
— Multiple MIDI controllers, including a brass control
— Chimes (Tubular Bells) — percussion instrument that simulates the sound of these bells.
and some other animals, other interesting products.
Full details are available from any official site
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