Degradation of the U.S. infrastructure in figures

You can tell a lot about the country as its infrastructure. And what can we say about the infrastructure of the United States? She's in a very neglected state of decomposition. Once upon a time no one on the planet could not catch up with the level of U.S. infrastructure, and now we have become the laughing stock of the surrounding …

Some of the facts that will blow your mind:

1) American Society of Civil Engineers (The American Society of Civil Engineers) formally assesses the state of the infrastructure assessment «D»:

2) The road is just not enough. Every year, traffic jams cost the U.S. 4.2 million man-hours.

3) At the current pace, every American will hold soon after 160 hours in traffic each year (Note alexsword — I have good news soon benzinchik become significantly less affordable, so the problem of traffic congestion is resolved.)

4) One-third of roads in need of repair.

5) Almost a third of road accidents caused by the poor condition of the roads. 

6) Across America asphalt roads replaced gravel in order to save.

7) 4,095 dams are in poor condition, with an increase of over 100% since 1999.

8) Of all the dam accidents that occurred in 1874, one-third occurred in the last 10 years.

9) Half of the households do not have access to buses and rail. 

10) From the decrepit sewage flows each year over a trillion gallons. Just the cleaning costs of leaks each year 50 billion.

11) The U.S. spends each year only 2.4% of GDP on infrastructure. For example, in China the figure is 9%.

12) In this case, 16% of construction workers — are unemployed.

Unfortunately, our infrastructure is degraded due to the reason that we ourselves are decomposed as a society — economically, politically, mentally, physically, morally and spiritually. Get used Videsh decaying infrastructure. All that you see now — it's just a miserable start.

SOURCE (selective translation alexsword)

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