20.08.10 Dejan Radic: ALL POWER TO GIVE Eugene Nesyn, "Soviet Sport" by Don

Before the battle, the yellow-blue against Nalchik "Spartacus", who played in the Kabardino-Balkaria Serbian goalkeeper, shared with the correspondent of "Soviet Sport" secrets Yuri Krasnozhan team.


— Dejan you surprised by the high spot of his former club?

— From the first round everyone expects that nalchan recession is about to begin. But this is a very experienced team. They have many times been at the top and know how to hold there. I believe that this year’s "Spartacus" lifts his place in the European Cup.

— The fact there are grounds?

— Yes, of course. The key to all success of the team — a system which laid the head coach Yuri Krasnozhan. He is surrounded by loyal supporters. All at the club are working on the result.

— Compared with the spring game that "Spartacus" won 5:2, nalchane to change something in the game?

— They — not likely, but we definitely learned a lesson from that defeat. That meeting we frankly failed, and we need to do everything to make more of this do not happen again.

— For you, that game stands out?

— Yes, of course, it was insulting. But such is football. I work on and prove to the coach that worthy of a place in the gate.

— So, it is absolutely normal relationship with Anton Amel’chenko?

— Of course, no hard feelings on my Tohu not. Me and him are great friendships. I wish him good luck this season, more good games like Ramenskoye, where he dragged a penalty! Do not take offense at such a cost, because it interferes with the team, when you go to a malcontent. We’re all on the team doing the same thing, so for one another mountain!


— The "Spartacus" Now there will be some personnel losses. Kisenkov, for example, in Moscow "Dynamo" leaves.

— Yes, there may be some difficulties during the permutations are. But essentially it’s the team should not be affected. Krasnozhan will find someone to replace the retired players so that on the team it has no effect. Yuri Albertovich — a person who likes to work and knows what he wants.

— How he gets every year to recruit a new team?

— This is misleading — this is the backbone of the team for three years together. Just one person out because it gets more favorable terms, as the same Kisenkov, but it is a normal process.

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