DeLaval opened SKHPPK Maai in Yakutia

The company "DeLaval", a world leader in the design, manufacture and deployment of a wide range of solutions and services for dairy farming, has announced the opening of the complex SKHPPK "Maai", located in Odununskom naslega Mountain regions of the republic of Sakha, Yakutia.  

APC "Maai" is a single processor and purchaser of agricultural products in the Mountain district. Its core activity — production of dairy products. 

Construction of the complex began in late 2011, and within the framework of this project has been fully reconstructed model harness the barn, which is designed for 116 goals. At this point in the operation launched following equipment company "DeLaval": Suspended transport system EasyLine, individual drinkers, mats, hydraulic system manure DeLaval HRB + Komprimat, computer monitoring system. 

According to I. Lukovtseva, "this complex meets all modern requirements, and over time have completely changed the manual labor to mechanized. The plans SKHPPK "Maai" build another barn with 46 milking cows, as well as the construction of the maternity ward and facilities for calves. " 
Milking on the farm by using linear milking machine Unicala 100 with an integrated solution of farm management DeLaval DelPro ™. 
"The opening of the dairy complex in the Arctic Circle — a huge step forward in the application of new technologies and the development of agriculture in the harsh enough to generate sustainable dairy farming region. Putting into operation of the complex will not only solve the problem of increasing milk production in the Mountain Ulus, but also improve the welfare of the workers of the farm, which plays an important role in addressing social issues in rural areas, "- said Eugenio Menendez, Regional Director of the Eastern region of" DeLaval ".

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