Demikhovsky Machine Works sent for testing updated train ED9E

Demikhovsky Machine Works sent for testing trehvagonny composition of energy-efficient electric AC ED9E with improved characteristics.

Until the end of August train will be tested on a pilot ring VNIIZhT in Scherbinka. After completing the tests and obtaining authorizing document from the PC FZHT (Register of certification by the federal railways), the party of electric ED9E will be transferred to the customer — JSC "Russian Railways". Before the year is planned to supply 108 cars. It is expected that the new trains will carry passengers during the 2013 Universiade in Kazan.

Working on ED9E, the designers created a new interior salons, introduced the system of air-conditioning in the salons, applied new inter-vehicle conversions. The updated electric train redesigned front part of the head car, installed outdoor reclining sliding doors used backlash-free couplings. Head cars are adapted for the passage of wheelchair users. They are equipped with a ramp for getting on and off a high platform, toilet, available for use by wheelchair users. In the salons provide special places for securing wheelchairs.

Operation ED9E improves traction and energy performance, lower power consumption for traction by 20-30% due to application of soft-start and regenerative braking to reduce the number of motor cars in the train, and, consequently, reduce capital costs and operating costs.

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