Democracy works. Step by step instructions. MADE IN RUSSIA.

January 28, 2012 on the Russian site Dmitry Valer’yanovich Lekuh published an article under the headline "A useful best practice. What urgently needs to borrow from the United States. " In simple terms, Dmitry Valer‘yanovich concisely outlined the essence of U.S. law «The Foreign Agents Registration Act» of 1938. At least accessible form to substantiate the need for parity adoption of a similar law in the territory of the Russian Federation. In order to shorten the lawlessness of foreign NGOs in our country (it was a step number 1). 

Editor in chief — Mikhail Leontiev (very likely — it is a step number 2)
Authorities heard aspiration of the people (step number 3).
And voila — in December 2012, Russia adopted a law on foreign-agents (step number 4).
If someone can give an example of such a mechanism operating in any of the "modern democracies" — welcome.
If not — you are welcome in Russia, learn from actual working democracy.

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