Demography is improving


It was quite a bit left to calculate totals for the year, but I’m impatient. Most recently, I wrote about the fact that the birth rate in this year, for the first time in many years, has fallen. These were the data for the first 9 months. But over the next 2 months, our women put pressure, and the same parameters derived rozhdaeomosti a plus. Within 11 months of the year for 2600 babies were born more than in the same period last year.

Mortality has continued to fall. This year died at 94,000 persons less than in the past. Mortality is reduced by all indicators, but particularly large decrease in deaths from cardiovascular diseases and external causes. Falls and fatalities and the number of murders and suicides and alcohol poisoning.

Reduced infant and smetronnost, largely due to government policies, in particular the construction of many perinatal centers throughout Russia.

Thus the decline in the population continues to decline, -129.7 -226.7 against the same period last year.
Let me remind you that 10 years ago the population decline was almost a million people.

And yet, for those who do not understand, it is a vital, migration neprichem.

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