DEMZ resumed work after 10 months of inactivity


Donetsk Steel Mill reopened at the end of September, the press service of the company.

DEMZ was stopped by the Russian group "Mechel" in November last year due to lower profitability, and the company began looking for new investors to the company.

In August it was announced that they will host the Russian group "Estar" Vadim Varshavsky.DEMZ Warsaw was sold for 2 million euros. In addition, the businessman has pledged to pay off the debts of the enterprise to "Mechel" for $ 81 million

This is the second coming of Warsaw on DEMZ. In 2010, he got rid of the company, which was then called "Istil-Ukraine", after six years of unsuccessful attempts at development.

"Mechel" officially DEMZ owned since 2011. The company, which is able to produce 1 million tons of steel a year, was acquired for $ 537 million

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