Denmark ahead of their own plans for the extraction of solar energy

Denmark ahead of their own production plans Solar Facts

In early 2012, the Danish Parliament decided for 2020 to increase the share of renewable energy to 35% by 2050, the figure would reach 100%. But as it turned out, the bar in 2020, 200 MW of the country is ready to perform by the end of 2012, and it's 100 times more than in 2010.

Moreover, every year the volume of produced clean energy increased by 36 megawatts. At this rate, the production of green energy by 2020 could reach a thousand megawatts in 2030, the numbers could increase to 3400 megawatts. Country shows a perfect example of all the States, but plans to switch from coal to alternative energy sources.
What helped Denmark so increase production of solar energy? The first in the list of the called the updated system of network measurement and dosing, which has proved more economical and suitable living conditions of the Danes, who took it back in 2010. Inhabitants are very attracted by the fact that they can store excess energy and then use it when the need arises. Developers of solar panels in turn, think not only about the technical side of things, but also about how to make their invention, the most comfortable and useful to ordinary people.
Last year, Denmark has developed 26% of the required energy country, using only renewable energy. And the way this nation is trying to replace the use of combustible materials clean energy, and its strategy to achieve the objective for 2050 seem very convincing and pragmatic.

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