Depreciation of equipment leads to an increase in accidents in the power

In preparation for industry review "Energoengineering. Engineering heat and electricity generation capacity 2011-2016 "experts IA INFOLine conducted an analysis of the state of the Russian electricity market and revealed its most problematic area. One such area is the increased performance on the number of accidents at the WGC and TGC.

In 2011, the number of accidents that led to the shutdown of generating equipment or reduce its power stations OGC has grown by 7.5% to 2,715 units., And at the stations THC — by 13.8% to 1,216 units. Number of trips Russian consumers from the network during the year an average of 10 times, with an average time of 600 minutes of inactivity. Thus, for example, in France and Italy, these figures at 10-11 times lower.

Thus, there is an urgent need to modernize the electricity industry as a whole, the construction of more efficient units with the latest technology, as well as the reconstruction of the network economy. Modernization, design and construction of power facilities, substations and networks engaged in engineering companies. The review "Energoengineering. Engineering heat and electricity generation capacity 2011-2016 "experts IA INFOLine paid special attention to the performance of the key players in this market sector. 

The Russian market of engineering services is currently still under development. In the early 2000s, there were many small and medium-sized construction companies established on the basis of large trusts, working from the Soviet era. Active development of the market covered for the years 2007-2008, when the energy industry began large-scale transformations involving multiple increase in investments for the construction of new energy facilities and upgrading existing ones. During these years, the market came about a dozen major players, after the sale of assets of RAO UES of Russia has seen a number of mergers and acquisitions design, manufacturing, construction, installation and commissioning of enterprises.

Currently, the largest general contractors in the construction of power generation capacity are: E4 Group, JSC "VO" Tekhnopromexport "CC" Quartz ", OOO" PF IPO ", OAO" Mosenergo Energy ", JSC" Energoprojekt ". Among the companies that have recently emerged on the market of thermal energy, it should be noted JSC "ASE" and OAO "Stroytransgaz".

In 2011, the total new capacity of 5.8 GW, of which the leading engineering companies and consortia introduced just over 4.5 GW. It should be noted that almost 50% of the input power at 2011 had to be introduced in 2010. In addition to increasing the input capacity, the market has increased and the number of players.

INFOLine specialists in the study came to the conclusion that, despite the high demand in the construction of new generating capacity, there is a serious stagnation in the liberalization of the market and if you do not change the investment attractiveness of the industry, it will be possible to predict a slight decline in market activity after engineering 2015-2016 years. At the same time a reduction in the number of players that have to stay "afloat" will be required to re-qualify and go into other industries.

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