Deputy Commander of the BTA will stand trial.

Former Deputy Commander of the Russian transport aircraft, Major-General Valery Shemyakin will be judged on charges of illegally obtaining an apartment.

"Chief Military Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation completed a preliminary investigation against the former deputy commander of the Military Transport Aviation Major General V.Shemyakina. He is accused of committing crimes under Part 4 of Art. 159 (fraud committed on a large scale) and "c" of Part 3. 286 of the Criminal Code (committing an official action is clearly beyond his powers, with serious consequences), "- said in a statement posted on the website TFR.

The investigation has established that "as deputy commander of the military unit 15565 for flight training, chose Shemyakin way to ensure you and your family living quarters for permanent residence by obtaining a grant of financial assistance from the state."

"In January 1999, for the purpose it was issued about 370,000 rubles (an amount equivalent to the time at 16 thousand U.S. dollars). For these funds Shemyakin purchased two-bedroom apartment in the Moscow region Schyolkovo total area of over 120 square meters, which is the fall of the same year, issued in the property. In September 2008, the officer has renewed her daughter on ", — the report says.

In addition, in 1996, became an officer in the Noginsk, Moscow region land for individual housing construction total area of 15 "acres", which also issued to private ownership. In autumn 2005, built on the site of the residential building with total area of over 300 square meters was put into operation, and it received a certificate of ownership.

In addition, in December 2004, the officer donated the property for individual housing construction provided a plot of land 17.5 "hundreds" of land in Schelkovskaya district of the Moscow region, which is also decorated in his property.

In October 2007, Shemyakin assigned to Moscow as deputy commander of the military unit 25969. In the spring of 2009 he and his wife registered at the place of service.

In June 2010, General presented to the members of the Housing Commission of the military unit 25969, which he chairs, notice of allocation in Moscow, one-bedroom apartments with a total area of over 60 square meters, as well as a dummy copy of the application head of construction, engineering and technical support and quartering the Air Force on the allocation of this apartment with his family forged a positive resolution on behalf of the Chief of quartering and arrangement of the Ministry of Defense of Russia — Deputy Minister of Defense.

"At the same time, he hid it from members of the committee in the presence of his property in the Moscow area of land and a house. After that, the general invited the officer to apply for this apartment, and telling him false information that she stood exclusively for him and otherwise notification will be returned without implementation, the latter bowed to write a written waiver of its receipt "- the document says.

Later V.Shemyakin introduced in the housing commission certificate-Russian Defense Ministry statement in which he pointed out false information about his lack of dwellings on the property right.

On the basis of forged documents in July 2010, the Russian Ministry of Defense housing commission allocates your apartment V.Shemyakinu. A month later, he agrees in writing to his wife on its privatization. And in December 2010, it sold the apartment cost about 6.7 million rubles in just one million rubles, noted in the TFR.

According to correspondents, "military-industrial complex," news agencies ARMS-TASS, Interfax-AVN

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