Der Spiegel: The war of images

Having established the Foreign Broadcast TV channel Russia Today, the Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin has created for the Western public anti-CNN. Recipe: clever propaganda, sex appeal and a lot of money.

Evening political program begins with a mixture of rowdiness and the Boulevard. Abby Martin, American television host in the service of the Kremlin, his mouth open, causing a red lipstick that matches the black top, high heels and a tattoo on her ankle. Then she takes a sledgehammer and smashes TV that just shows CNN. This image of the enemy, and the prototype of her employer — the Russian TV channel, broadcasting abroad, Russia Today.?????

This beginning of the program is likely to be illustrated, first of all, the following: Russia thinks freely, coming and still looks good.
Directed by posting on the wall of the studio photo informant Edward Snowden, being hunted USA. The following is a report on the Guantanamo base, which brought the United States into disrepute. Workpieces that America gives its adversaries, Russia Today uses readily and aggressively. Even small sins Washington did not go unnoticed. Thus, the channel can be invited to the transfer of a man named Ali Bongo Ondimba, the Gabonese dictator, supported by Barack Obama. Criticism of the self-proclaimed number one world power — a lot of people want to see in the West. In major U.S. cities, such as San Francisco, Chicago and New York, Russia Today enjoys baboutlshim success than any other international television. In Washington, Russian programs look 13 times more than the Deutsche Welle. Two million Britons regularly watch Kremlin channel. Especially on the web, he successfully than any competitor. In June, Russia Today on YouTube overcame the barrier of one billion views, generally becoming the first television station, which is managed. Even more remarkable is the triumph, which gave the channel a legend of American journalism. Since this summer working on Russia Today and Larry King. Previously, for 25 years, King was the face of CNN. His suspenders even more remarkable than the hypocritical recognition Abby Martin. "The elder of the American talk show crosses to Russian"- Wrote the London Times. Before the King and his new colleagues is fairly straightforward: they must "break the monopoly of the Anglo-Saxon media"About this a few weeks ago, President Putin during his visit to the TV studio. The recipe for success includes three ingredients: sex appeal, which was previously not peculiar to news channels, strictly anti-American course and an endless stream of money from the Kremlin. Since 2005, the Russian government has increased ten times the annual budget of the channel: from 30 million to over $ 300 million. Russia Today that money pays work 2,500 employees and helpers around the world (in one of Washington, 100). Fear the budget cuts do not have to channel, Putin issued a decree which forbids his finance minister to cut funds. The Russian government believes that "money is invested properly"Says Natalia Timakova, a spokesman for Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. "Besides Russia Today — I hope the Germans will forgive me this note — a little more modern than the channel, for example, Deutsche Welle, respectively, and the money he has more. " Government has invested a lot of money, and the main office of TV channel on the north-east of the capital, where Russia Today moved to May. Exactly how much — the channel refuses to tell, since pledged to keep this information secret. On the territory of the former Soviet tea factory, along with the English news broadcast service is now also available in Arabic and Spanish. In the evening news focuses on the crisis of the euro, the social protests in Portugal, as well as about the scandal connected with the NSA spying. The channel has positioned itself as the defender of the opposite side of the world community, which criticizes the West. Russia Today TV channel to be effective in doubt Europeans and Americans, who are now asking themselves, and not just whether they are corrupt and are subject to the state security services, such as Russia and China.
Rarely was a clever propaganda. The average Russian editors are under 30 years old, almost everyone speaks in English. Directed by embellishing the news special effects like Hollywood. Lead is almost as if hit by a tank, created a computer animation. Israeli warplanes circled around the studio, and then throw a bomb at the map of Syria.
This visual arms casually. Channel considers himself a media ministry of defense of the Kremlin.
????? The woman who made the Russia Today sharpest weapon in the battle for world opinion to work on the seventh floor of the central Moscow office. In the office of the chief editor Margarita Simonyan dozens of flickering screens. On the table there are Orthodox icons. Putin appointed Simonyan, the head of the new TV channel in 2005. At the time she was 25 years old, and chuckled over it as over the unknown reporter of journalistic entourage that accompanies the head of the Kremlin at the meetings. Simonyan should not be allowed to re-Russia lost the war "pictures" in August 2008. While Moscow’s tanks moved to the South Caucasus, almost to Tbilisi, the capital of the small Georgia. On all channels of a young President Mikhail Saakashvili — eloquent and educated in America — the cursed Russia as an aggressor. Despite the fact that he had provoked the war and the first gave the order to storm the separatist republic of South Ossetia, Russia‘s ally. CNN showed footage of destroyed houses that were allegedly taken after the bombing of Russian provincial Georgian town of Gori. In fact, according to Russia Today, it was the capital of the breakaway republic footage — Tskhinvali — after the Georgian attack. "Objectivity does not exist, Simonyan today said soberly. — Only approximation to the truth with the help of as many different opinions. " Now and in the United States, people like never before, do not trust the media. CNN is struggling with a sharp drop in viewership. And sometimes, the U.S. policy facilitates Russian attacks. When Bolivian President Evo Morales was forced to land at the airport in Vienna, as U.S. intelligence agencies believed that on board his plane is Snowden, Abby Martin expressed what many thought: "Who the hell did Obama think he is?"But at the same time, Russia Today relies on intricate interweaving of conspiracy theories and clumsy manipulation of public opinion. The program The Truthseeker explosions at the Boston Marathon, organized in April of two Chechens and claimed the lives of three people, turn into a conspiracy of American authorities. TV correspondent in Berlin, Peter Oliver absurd way ZDF accused of bribery. Channel allegedly paid money intellectuals for your positive feedback about the anti-Putin group Pussy Riot. The main witness in his reportage acts chief of German right-wing extremist rag Zuerst!. And this is the society in which he joined the legendary Larry King. In 2000, he took the first big interview with Vladimir Putin for Western television. Since then, the master of the talk show admires his charisma, Putin has the qualities "that alter the space has magnetism. " King’s new show goes on Russia Today in June. His guests were already ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Sen. Joe Lieberman — otherwise they both would have never crossed the threshold of the Russian studio. Abby Martin, a woman with a hammer, recently invited his new colleague King in his own show as a guest. She wanted to
find out whether he thinks CNN is hopelessly biased. No, King said he does not think so. Then he went around to journalists like Martin, who use guest as a "props to their own opinion. " The fact that he is now the props and Putin’s trophy on the channel, the great Larry King may not yet understood.

Der Spiegel. Date of publication 12 August 2013.

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