Derways car factory in Cherkessk started assembling Luxgen7 SUV crossover

The company Derways in Karachay-Cherkessia has opened a new assembly line for Taiwanese Luxgen7 SUV, which will be the first car brand in the Russian market.

According to technical director Oleg Vishnjakova automobile to run the line was built a new assembly hall.

"This year, we plan to release 1.5 thousand vehicles Luxgen7 SUV. In the future, everything will depend on the applications of our partner ", — said Vishnjakov, adding that this year the company will begin to release and Chinese models Hawtai and Brilliance.

CTO Derways also said that the plant expects to produce this year, almost 70 thousand cars.

"In past years, the plant produced about 50,000 cars this year, we plan to increase this figure somewhere in the 20,000, and by 2015, intends to enter the production capacity of 100,000 vehicles per year," — said Vishnjakov.

Currently lineup plant has seven cars.

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