Design radiator Teplolux Flora» — stylish heat source

The company "Special systems and technologies" is a new series of glass design radiators "Teplolux Flora. "

For centuries, man strives to elevate the space around it, to make it aesthetically appealing to surround himself with beautiful interior. But the place of residence shall have to be comfortable, warm and cozy. Habitual electric heaters do not always fit into the interior and decorated living space. The company "Special systems and technologies", Russia’s largest manufacturer of electrical heating systems, is a home heater that successfully combines comfort and aesthetics — a glass decorative radiator "Teplolux Flora».

Modern heating technology, the classic shape and color palette positive — the design-radiator "Teplolux Flora» sets a new format of home comfort equipment. Wall mounted into a stylish interior solution that can be a bright accent any room.

Designer radiators "Teplolux Flora» — eco-friendly heating appliances, they create a comfortable temperature and dry air in the room. The presence of the thermal insulation layer in the construction of the heating panel redistributes heat flow and directs it only to the side of the man. The design of the radiator design provides uniform and comfortable heat transfer. Some of the heat is transmitted infrared radiation which has a positive effect on the human body.

The heating element is made of tempered glass, economical power consumption and protection class I-IP44 make decorative radiator "Teplolux Flora» reliable and safe source of comfort.

The range of designer radiators "Teplolux Flora» — that’s 10 choices for any interior: two heating panel size 60×60 cm or 60×90 cm and five colors: green, emerald green, red, brown and black.

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