Details of the scandal with the repair ship Peter Lofty

Details of the scandal with the repair ship "Peter the Great"The Prosecutor's Office of the Northern Fleet has revealed shocking fact: the repair languid nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the majestic" homely company umyknuli quarter billion rubles budget.

This news has got to tapes of news and advertising in newspapers, aroused mixed feelings — great indignation among the uninitiated and the doubts of those who though little versed in the modern practice of ship repair and tendering in the Defense Ministry.

Just behind the military prosecutors from Severomorsk the following resounding scandal in the field of defense procurement leaders rushed to speak of the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office and the Murmansk Regional Department of Internal Affairs. According to these sources, with respect to the general director of JSC "Special production and technical base of the" Star "Fedor Barashko A criminal case under article "fraud", and he was arrested.

The reasons for this are said to investigators, more than harsh. Fedor Barashko fraudulent led by more than a quarter billion allocated under the state defense order for payment for repair of military equipment. How is it managed? Is surprisingly simple — presented for payment bogus paper. Knowing that the required state contract repair cruiser in full is not made, Barashko in 2010 and was personally signed acts Tipo do the work, they say in the GWP. On this basis, the customer, through the Ministry of Defence transferred to the account of the office 356.1 million rubles. With all the price of the backlog is estimated to military prosecutors, 265.4 million rubles.

And here is where the professionals creep first doubts. Steal in the repair of three of the four rubles — and so that the customer did not see it? These things out of the realm of fantasy.

— Only an idiot would go out to forge signatures on acts of reception work and send the payment for lime — Comment out the amazing situation in the leadership of the famous shipyard with a huge package of defense contracts. — Such signatures can be at least fourteen. If the bogus paper so imposing sum really went through the Ministry of Defense, means there were preliminary agreement …

Our interlocutor, have long heard about Fedor Barashko and his company, but due to obvious reasons of anonymity, suggested that such "arrangements" would be on hand not only the contractor, and the best services to the Northern Fleet as a customer. Because we all have to account for, withstand time. That uboltal signatories Barashko (or "intrigued" — let it deals with investigation) will sign a receiver acts in time, and everything that did not — I undertake to complete …

— In this situation the prosecutor could "merge" one of those whose enthusiasm stimulated enough — concluded our counterparts. — Either one of the contenders Barashko.

In the Arctic, which is to discredit the company, such a rival can be called the 10th Ship Repair Yard, at one time belonged to the Navy, and now belongs to the Center for repair "Asterisk"United Shipbuilding Company. Barashko of any company mentioned center (which joined virtually all shipyards in the North-West and South of the Russian Federation) or does not go to USC, but the coincidence of titles — not an ordinary accident.

As it was possible to clarify the "WP" TDR "Asterisk"In the form of a closed joint stock company appeared in the Arctic town of Murmansk region in 2003. One of the founders were then known ship repair company" Star "in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region — while the Federal State Unitary Enterprise, and at the moment of" Little Star "around which formed Ship Repair Center, which entered the USC. Severodvinsk "Zvezdochka" and now owns a 20 percent stake in the share capital of the same name on the Kola Peninsula. remaining 80 percent (as of 2009) was divided between a CEO Theodore Barashko and some citizen Lyudmila Nicolenko. That of the founders did not prevent the TDR receiving contracts from the Defense Ministry impressive: in 2008, they amounted to 173 million, in 2009, was signed contracts for 125 million rubles, including the repair languid nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the stately" and the missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov. " According to numbers from the same sources, in 2009 the total revenue amounted to 311 million rubles, and spotless profit — 27 million.

At Severodvinsk "Zvezdochka" Our newspaper said that did not participate in the management of the same company in the Arctic. Yes, at first they helped Fedor Barashko "stand up" and later he "poobtersya", started dating in the headquarters of the Northern Fleet (to him from the Arctic is only 30 km — much closer than from Severodvinsk), and did not confer on production issues. Moreover — has repeatedly capture lucrative contracts from companies CA "Star", offering a small cost in advance. "And then he nedavneshnih is generally for tenders with a view favorite" — with regret recognized in the company's ancestor.

Contact with someone from the office manager at Polar and get their comment "RG" yesterday failed, although the secretary of the arrested CEO firmly promised to connect us with the executive director or principal engineer. At the time of signing the numbers did not wish to press commented the situation and in the administration of the closed Oleksandrivsk, on the ground of which turned all the actions described.


At the press conference, the chief of the Murmansk Regional Directorate of the MOI of Igor Batalov found that TDR "Star", which conducted the work at nuclear facilities, it had to the respective licenses of "Rosatom". As a result, in respect of Director of criminal charges for the items "fraud on a large scale" and "illegal business". According to the views of Batalov, "the case has significant legal perspective."

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