Detroit will adopt a program of stop and search» (stop frisk)


In a desperate attempt to stem the tide of crime, the city of the bankrupt Detroit ready to introduce the controversial (and, as a federal court ruled, unconstitutional) practice random searches of people on the street, to apply patrol in New York. Detroit police are not afraid of lawsuits and accusations of discrimination.

After the formal bankruptcy of Detroit, the local authorities have been forced to cut spending on the police. In conjunction with the accelerating expansion (almost literally) of the former center of the American automotive industry, this has led to a sharp increase in the number of serious crimes, and in particular the cases of violence in the streets.

Manual police issued a statement in which it said the imminent start of his own program "stop & frisk" like the one that was the subject of proceedings in New York. The statement stressed that Detroit cops will stop and search suspicious types only, and that law-abiding citizens will not be affected.

In response to reporters' questions about whether the program will not translate into legal trouble for the city (allegations of racial profiling and a violation of the U.S. Constitution), the head of the local police EVIG Eric (Erik Ewing) said that his subordinates will not get any such charges. According to him, the vast majority of the most criminogenic areas — it's black, so there is no racial profiling can not be even theoretically!

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