Developed by Russian scientists protivokleschevoy costume Biostop — the most reliable to date remedy for dangerous blood-sucking.

Neither agent, dealing directly on the skin, can not save him from a tick. Poisonous substances simply do not have time to prevent a bite. Repellent spray (repellent) the means to quickly lose their effectiveness and constantly require repeated treatments clothing. Aerosol acaricidal agents (toxic mites), do their job better, but you need to be aware of their high toxicity, use respiratory protection, and in any case not handle their clothes right on man.

Today, there is a vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis, but from other diseases carried by ticks, such as Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, it is powerless. It is therefore important personal protective equipment. However, conventional protivokleschevye suits protect against ticks only mechanically — make it difficult to penetrate the tick to a human body, but does not neutralize it.

Today in Russia there are no common regulatory documents for protection from attack by ticks. Any clothing and safety equipment can be positioned as protivokleschevye, the market has a lot of costumes and creams that claim to protect from biting, but in fact useless. There are even dietary supplements, which, according to the manufacturers, protect against tick-borne encephalitis.

To change this situation, scientists, entomologists and experts of the Research Institute of Epidemiology disinfectology proposed a method for evaluating the effectiveness protivokleschevye funds, which is now to be signed by the Chief Sanitary Inspector of the Russian Federation.

The latest development scientists in the control of ticks — a protective suit "Biostop" by which there is no danger to bring home left in the folds of clothing tick. The secret to the effectiveness of "Biostopa" in special boxes of tissues impregnated with poison ticks. Seven inserts arranged on the costume so that in any case mite crosses one of them. Above the fold inserts is that inhibit parasite on the impregnated portion suit. On average, after only four minutes waiting for the tick paralysis and death. The costume is safe for humans, valid for three years and can withstand up to fifty washes.

Three years suit was tested in the forest, and in that time has not been a single bite. CPS determined its protective factor of 100% with the note "on the efficiency is much higher than all the well-known domestic and foreign models."

The first period of tick activity in Russia begins in early April and continues through mid-June. The largest number of bites are traditionally recorded in May. In August comes the second wave of tick-aggression, which is only completed by October. Some bites are recorded in November.

In 2010, Russia suffered from ticks 400,000 people. Laboratory-confirmed tick-borne viral encephalitis in 3094 people, Lyme disease — in 7063 people. Several thousand people were infected with other sexually transmitted infections. In 2010, Russia from tick bites killed 45 people.

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