Developed flu masks using nanomaterials

The membranes of even microbes have long been used to disinfect water. By a similar clean air, scientists have taken a step Institute. Karpov — They have developed a mask for respiratory infections in which the nanomaterial used.

Sold in pharmacies conventional masks to protect people from the tiny spray of saliva, creating a cloud around the sneezer or coughed patient. Viruses such a mask penetrate freely. The reason is the structure of the mask material that is woven from the fibers of a diameter of 100 microns and do not let the blocks pathogenic agents.

Scientists from the Institute of them. Karpov used in masks polymer fiber thickness of 0.1 microns. The cells produced by such fibers, delay even viruses. The developers claim that the mask protects them from human and corrosive gases that fire is dangerous. These masks can be applied in areas of earthquakes and floods.

Nanomaski have already been tested at the Institute of Biophysics. They showed high efficiency. The main thing is that the mask fits snugly against the face. Mask Material requires periodic replacement. Price nanomaski a couple of rubles more gauze.

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