Developed marine cable routes with enhanced fire safety and longer life

Specialists "CSRI SET" — a branch of the State Scientific Center Krylovskogo make another developmental work within the federal target program "Development of civil marine technology" for 2009-2016.

Technology developed halogen-free installation of modern electrical cables of high reliability and fire safety, including developing designs of cable glands and passes through fire and water-resistant design of civilian marine equipment.


Development was carried out on the basis of technical solutions to ensure the operation of cable without replacing them with increased offshore full service life. 

The novelty of this project lies in the selection of heat-resistant sealing materials and the creation on the basis of their fire-proof structures.

The technology developed halogen-free installation cables with fire-proof structures of the cable passes, allows use cables and cable routes without replacement at offshore facilities and a useful life of 35 years.


Economic efficiency is determined by the increase in the development of fire safety of ships, fire-proof reliability, power and low-marine cable routes, providing a fire in the work of the most important customers, including fire-fighting system. 

It should be borne in mind that up to 75% of fires on vessels accounted for fires in which the fire spread over cable lines.

The achieved results will contribute to a significant reduction in the number of fires on ships. The new technology will prevent the spread of fire cable routing (localized fire).

Furthermore, the development of the operation provide the fire (at temperatures up to 750 ° C) and critical fire extinguishing device of the first and second category (classification rules register marine navigation), whose normal operation, in turn, protects the vessel.

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