Developed the technology and equipment to produce energy from a low-calorie raw materials

The Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences on the results of basic research superadiabatic filtration combustion regimes developed the technology and equipment for the processing of low-calorie raw materials into electrical energy and valuable hydrocarbon products. The technology is designed for the processing of low-grade fossil fuels, alternative fuels, including biofuels, industrial, and municipal waste.

The distinctive features of technology are:
— High energy gasification efficiency (up to 95%);
— The modular design of the process, which allows the device to use a different energy, a variety of related technologies, integrated into the existing industrial infrastructure;
— High environmental purity gas emissions and slag, the formation of dioxins and heavy metals removal by orders of magnitude lower compared with modern waste incineration plants;
— The cost of processing complex in 1.5 — 2 times lower than the cost of production, similar in environmental and energy performance.

The technology aims to engage in business turnover of alternative energy and environmental improvement of the environment by reducing gas emissions, eliminate landfills and dumps.

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