Development Corporation has launched the first phase of the plant Nyagan Polar Quartz

October 22 Niagan (Khanty) started manufacturing plant especially pure quartz concentrates of "Polar Quartz" (the project of "Development Corporation") — launched the first stage of the enterprise capacity of over 10,000 tons per year.

The production line is the second stage of enrichment produced in the Polar Urals quartz. On the line is made "dry" enrichment of raw materials supplied after the primary crusher at the facilities of "Polar Quartz" in Ust-Puyva (started this summer).

The finished product — quartz concentrate — has broad prospects of: as a semi-finished product for further chemical processing within the second stage of the plant under construction (completion in 2014), or as a valuable raw material for electronic, optical, lighting industry, nanotechnology and solar energy.

After the completion of the construction of the plant in the region will create about 400 jobs, 250 of them — in Nyagan. At the first stage employs 20 people. As the production director Andrei Litvinov, the company is very high degree of automation, and change is one of five people who follow the work of the equipment.

"Development Corporation" was included in the project to build a "Polar Quartz" in the spring of 2011. Previously, he served as a state enterprise Ugra. At the initial stage of the project has been invested about 1 billion rubles, which was bought basic equipment. Investments from the "Development Corporation" amounted to about 10 million rubles, aimed mainly at construction works.

The main consumers of "Polar Quartz" — the enterprises of electric industry. Most of the products will be exported — in the first place in terms of purchases of Chinese companies are also products will be shipped to Europe.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of "The Polar Quartz" Alexander Beletsky said that over the past year, "Development Corporation" significantly revised construction project in the first place — an environmental dimension.

"It was supposed about 20 tons of acidic waste water into a river guide. We managed to find a technical solution and the ability to neutralize such waste, "- said the head of the" Development Corporation ".

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