Development of Russian scientists awarded gold medals at

Exhibition in Malaysia

At the last 9 — 11 May at the Congress Centre in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), the 24th International Exhibition of Innovation and New Technology ITEX’13 in the exposition of the Nizhny Novgorod Region awarded a gold medal and a diploma inventors NSTU.

Awarded a gold medal and a diploma inventors NSTU:
The program complex study of internal gravity waves (Authors Kurkina OE, Tyugin DY, Giniyatullin AR, Kurkin AA). 

ITEX is one of the oldest and most prestigious international exhibitions of innovation in the Asia-Pacific region, where it is possible to present the results of national research and to inform potential foreign investors about the future of research and development work.
Traditionally, the best design on the results of the competition program of the international jury awarding special prizes, medals and diplomas.

The development of the All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (VNIIEF) Also awarded gold medals. A separate prize of the President of the Malaysian Society of Inventors and CEO of the exhibition presented at sferosorbentov imaging technology for treatment of liquid radioactive waste. As the press service of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center (Russian Federal Nuclear Center), VNIIEF first took part in this international exhibition, which is one of the largest in south-east Asia.

Were three innovations VNIIEF "Semi-finished products and components with nano-structure for structural applications"(Authors — Korshunov AI Golubev, P., Polyakov LV, Smolyakov AA);"Radionuclide heat source"(Potapov AG, Derbunovich BV Shalata FG, Popov, S., K., Barkanov BP, Semkin GI);"Sferosorbenty for the treatment of liquid radioactive waste"(Drozhzhin VS, Skorochkin YV). All technologies have been awarded medals.

As previously reported, radionuclide thermal unit was made for Chinese customers in 2013. "Products with nanostructure" Smolyakova received in 2012 the "bronze" in Nuremberg and gold Geneva, and "silver" in Brussels-, 2011.

Currently VNIIEF implements sferosorbenty for treatment of liquid radioactive waste at existing nuclear plants. The material consists of a colored powder. 

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