Development of Tomsk students will help people Khrushchev save


In Tomsk, in a building set heat meters, developed in Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics. Hardware-software system for monitoring and control of buildings and heat supply facilities created by students of the radio department of the university under the leadership of professor of telecommunications and the basics of radio engineering, director of innovative enterprise JSC "Energy Efficiency" by Alexei Pugovkina.
Testing of the device will be held in one of the "Khrushchev" heating system with vertical distributing on the street. Kartashov. The counters are set free. The experiment will continue for a year, during which time residents will receive information about how much they paid, if the heat consumption was considered on individual meters.

At present, in agreement with the tenants of the house and the management company is installing and commissioning of the system. Until the end of 2011 plans to launch the system in trial operation. The developers believe that their energy meter will solve the important problem of energy conservation: accounting and heat savings. Today, charges for the consumption of thermal energy produced on the basis of indicators common parts. This collective way of accounting for heat does not encourage residents to personal savings, the press service of the university.

The device, developed in TUSUR, has greater qualities than the Russian and foreign analogues. Along with the measurement of thermal energy consumed by facilities with vertical wiring, it allows you to perform an internal energy audit, namely the measurement of heat transfer through windows and walls. Thus the cost of hardware and software is less than that of counterparts. Accuracy of the device is achieved through the inclusion in the calculation program is not contingent design parameters, and the actual data for each room.

"Another advantage of our system is that we take into account the real properties of the walls and windows of the premises and the real state of the battery — said Alexey Pugovkin. — Famous counters operate on the reference data on the characteristics of the battery and do not reflect its actual state, for example, a contamination. Therefore, the error of such meters is quite high — 20-30 percent. In our this error counters several times smaller. "


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