Diamond cutting and drilling of the company SC Volmax

GC "Volmax", a dynamic group of companies operating in the field of construction services in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, give notice of the fact that it is a diamond cutting and drilling. This service allows a short time to perform a neat hole in the concrete and other walls and partitions.  Modern high-precision powerful equipment produces perfectly straight holes without cracking and damage adjacent sections of the wall.
GC "Volmax" is a multi-functional structure and is ready to offer a wide range of services related to construction: designing, construction and finishing works. The work carried out in the residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
The advantage of the company over its competitors is its versatility — the customer does not have to go to different companies, it will get everything you need in GC "Volmax". The main area of activity can be called a production of construction and finishing works of varying difficulty, as well as providing construction equipment and machinery for rent.
Popular service is the diamond cutting and drilling. These technologies are used for the removal of reinforced concrete structures, drilling holes, cutting openings, cutting joints in structures made of concrete and reinforced concrete. Our specialists are ready as soon as possible to make the necessary manipulation technology is characterized by low noise, no vibration, dust and debris.
"The diamond cutting and drilling carried out by professionals, we give warranty on the work performed. We provide cutting openings, drilling for anchors, fasteners and cable TV, air conditioning. All questions can be asked through the form of site managers, "- said the head of RK Daurov
Specialists perform drilling at any angle diameter from 12 to 800 mm.
Information about the company
GC "Volmax" provides a full cycle of construction from design to finishing. Performs general contracting services, carries out construction of the foundation, conducts internal and external engineering networks, equip boilers and heating units and leases construction equipment. The company‘s specialists performed diamond drilling. Read more about the services the company can be found on its website http://volmax-spb.ru

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