Dictaphone Witness

"Cadres decide everything"
IV Stalin

Immortal approval. Especially important to the quality of personnel in the areas of
related to the sales and customer service — this is the area that
brings the company money. Sales result depends on many factors and,
First of all, the qualifications of the employee working with a client. How can
control the quality of his work, how to motivate for quality

According to the sales? Difficult. Sales depend on hundreds of factors
(Price, product range, the economic situation in the country and so on and so on-and
even the weather outside). All this affects the outcome of the sales and highlight
this set of factors kachectvo employee’s work is very difficult. Various
Control measures such as "mystery shoppers", etc. cost, as well as any
human resource is expensive, the result is subjective, and these measures
impossible to provide constant monitoring of service quality.

Businesses that care about the customer experience, increase
revenue and reducing costs, we offer a solution that allows
control the quality of the staff working with clients. This
Recorder "Witness" with fastening "badge" that magnetic clip
attached to clothing. On the front panel of the recorder can be applied to information
(company name, logo, etc.), the recorder has a pocket where you can
add information about the employee (position, name, surname).

 Photo source:telesys.ru

The main technical characteristics of the recorder:
Size: 7 * 60 * 90mm (without magnetic fastening).
Weight: 25g (without magnetic mount), 35g (with magnetic fastening).
Power supply: Li-Pol battery, rechargeable via computer USB port or any
Charger with USB connector.
Run time: up to 40 hours.
Recording time: up to 300h with compression to 75chasov without compression.
Acoustic sensitivity — up to 8m.
Computer interface: USB.
Control — one button recording indication — LED.

The recorder is elementary. At the beginning of the workday
Recorder attaches to clothing (magnetic clip does not damage clothing) button
includes recording, the recorder captures and documents everything that happens in
during the working day. Each entry made automatically to the
date and time, to the number of the recorder so that the desired event can be easily
to find. After the end of the day (or week) records can be
rewritten for archiving computer via USB.

 Photo source:telesys.ru

As a result, the recorder, the value of which does not exceed the cost of a week-long
salary of the employee (and really, with taxes and overheads
employee even less), will allow for the continuous monitoring of
quality of customer service, will be evidence in any
conflicts with clients (not always have to blame the staff, clients, too
are different). Even if you do not spend a lot of time on the subsequent analysis
records, the quality of staff will increase simply because of the awareness it
ability to control the quality of his work (as well as the presence of video cameras,
permanently fixing the speed disciplines drivers. They understand that
past the camera, as opposed to accidental inspector, and not to rush to her
can not agree).
On the other hand, the recorder is clearly visible to the customer and the customer is unlikely to be
provoke and stir up conflict in cases where the client is not sure of his
The microphone is located on the front surface of the recorder, which will provide
maximum recording quality.

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