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…That the Chinese invented gunpowder, not only, but also the ketchup? Be cooked spicy tomato sauce was brought to the United States immigrants from China, who called it "ke-tsiap." This original recipe seasoning interested enterprising native of Germany on behalf of John Heinz, who eventually managed to train to catch-up almost the whole world.

…Those who managed to cut the proverbial knot? According to legend, the Phrygian king Gordius tied the knot on the drawbar of his chariot. There was a belief that the one who unleashes a node becomes the lord of Asia. Alexander the Great, the follower of simplicity, cut it with a sword. Since then, and went the expression "cut the Gordian knot."

…When and where were first introduced paper money? Paper money in circulation for the first time appeared in the homeland of paper — in China about 2,000 years ago.

…Fire tower in the Russian served for other purposes? In St. Petersburg Fire Tower hung still and signals to communicate to the citizens of floods, as well as the occurrence of frost below 20 degrees Reaumur (-250 Celsius). This, by the way, to the delight of kids from St. Petersburg, meant that schoolwork canceled.

…How many grams of vodka is good for health? Doctors estimate that in a healthy person can drink vodka every day, but not more than 60 grams. That adds up to about 22 liters per year. However, in Russia each year on average, every adult drinks a little more than 120 liters.

…What is Traditional Chinese Medicine? The method of providing comprehensive treatment, has been known to Chinese physicians around 3,000 years ago. They offered to patients taking medication to combine a mixture of herbs and minerals with acupuncture, massage, breathing exercises and proper diet.

…For whom was named the most fast food? Sandwich was named after the Earl of Sandwich, who lived in the XVIII century. This gentleman was an avid gambler. Not wanting to break away from the game and get your hands dirty, he was ordered to serve a sandwich of two slices of bread, between which lay a piece of meat. So, at first among gamblers, and then in wide use accustomed sandwiches.

…That our ancestors called sour cabbage soup? Sour cabbage soup in the Russian variant called kvass from wheat, buckwheat, wheat, and barley malt. This beverage is then bottled.

…how accomplished the glorious deeds of Catherine the Great? In 1781, Earl Bezborodko presented Catherine list of offenses for her 19 years of reign. It turned out that the provinces arranged on a new model 29, and 144 cities, signed 30 conventions and treatises, having won 78 victories, issued 211 decrees. Total 492 cases!

…As Cardinal Richelieu took care of his health? It turns out that Cardinal Richelieu to maintain good physical shape in the morning in his shirt jumped the wall to the point of exhaustion, trying each time to jump higher and higher.

…What is really mysterious gibberish alphabet? Was the name of an ancient secret writing, with which in the XVII century. and previously encrypted secret diplomatic correspondence. Later it began to use the old believers to encrypt their messages. The basis of the cryptographic cipher alphabet system was based on the substitution of one consonant letters of the Russian alphabet other consonants.

…Where the climate is warmer — in the Arctic or Antarctica? The central part of the Arctic is the Arctic Ocean covered with ice packs. However, the warm Gulf Stream makes the climate of the Arctic warmer than the climate of the Antarctic, where the temperature reaches minus 90 degrees Celsius.

…What is the weight legendary Pyramid of Khufu? The largest of the pyramids of Egypt, the tomb of Cheops, consists of 2.3 million limestone hewn stones weighing about 2.5 tons each. The total weight of the pyramid is 5,750,000 tons, and height — 146 meters. It is believed that it was built over 20 years 100,000 slaves. By the way, from the stones of the tomb of Cheops could build a modern city with a population of 120,000 people! … What is the difference between domestic and wild animals? In pets, brain less than their wild relatives. For example, a wolf, he is 20% heavier than the German Shepherd equal weight with him. Vision and other senses in domestic animals developed worse, the bones are thinner, smaller than red blood cells.

…How old is the oldest examples of writing? The earliest extant writing samples — papyrus Priss. He is about 6000 years old. It is noteworthy that it begins with the words: "Unfortunately, the world is not what it used to. Everyone wants to write a book, and the kids do not listen to their parents. "

…What fish is not deaf and can make sounds? Many fish perceive sound waves, and some are able to make sounds with the help of teeth, air bubble, tail to communicate with relatives or scare off enemies.

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