Died managing Irans missile development

As a result, the current series of explosions occurred in the districts of Tehran on military base in the middle of the dead was Hassan Tehrani Mokaddem being a brigadier general of the Revolutionary Guards. In IRGC Hassan Mokaddem headed a division that is responsible for the development of both missiles and other weapons. In addition, he went into the management of the Iranian nuclear project.

A prerequisite for a series of bombings called detonation of ammunition carried inside the base. But what was happening on a routine military base forces fluctuate identity of the deceased general. The data confirms the doubts and past statements of opposition sources, which stated that the base — the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards missile division. Not counting on the rest of the database is stored missiles "Shahab-3" mid-range acts.

According to official data, in the end the incident 17 people died, and 16 delivered to the clinic with injuries of varying severity. According to other sources, the victims of explosions could be 15 to 32 people.

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