Died outstanding gunsmith Arkady G. Shipunov.

86, died outstanding designer of arms, academician, Hero of Socialist Labor, scientific director of the world-famous defense company "Instrument Design Bureau" Arkady G. Shipunov.


On account of his 427 scientific papers and 740 inventions. Arkady Shipunov — the founder of scientific and engineering school system design of high-precision missiles and small arms and cannon weapons near abroad. Samples of small-caliber artillery weapons designs Arcadia Shipunova and Basil Gryazev became the basis of a system of national small arms and cannon armament three services: Army, Air Force, Navy. Infantry fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft missile and gun systems, warships, planes, bombers and helicopter gunships are equipped with guns, developed under his leadership. For special forces have been set up automatic, manual and grenade launchers, sniper rifles, small rifles, pistols, machine guns, pistols and revolvers. The high performance characteristics, low cost and unification of the new firearms allowed in a short time to master their mass production and supply to the armed forces of the Russian Federation and other law enforcement agencies.

May 9 parade on Red Square in Moscow will host his latest venture — has no analogues in the world anti-aircraft missile and gun system of the new generation, "Armour C-1", providing protection units of the Air Force, Navy, Strategic Rocket Forces and critical facilities of high-precision weapons. Since 2009, "Shell of the C-1" is supplied to the Russian army and signed contracts to foreign customers.

Arkady Shipunov was not only a prominent designer of arms, but also a great organizer. Under his leadership, "Instrument Design Bureau" has become one of the leading design organizations of the military-industrial complex of Russia, a powerful, knowledge-based and innovation-center, gaining international fame and prestige.

Shipunov was convinced that today the main trend in the field of arms — go on guided missiles, acting on the principle that one shot — one goal and guaranteed defeat. In November last year, when the outstanding gunsmith celebrated its 85th anniversary, the question — if he has a new project? — Short answer — "The trouble is that a lot of them." It is the last day to generate ideas suggested new directions of the company. He has always been free to express thoughts, creativity, work. And this inner freedom to create a unique design.

Arkady Shipunov recently been seriously ill. Shortly before his death, asked to carry out the capital’s hospitals in Tula. He died at his home. According to preliminary information, it will be buried in Moscow with his wife. Farewell to an outstanding gunsmith in Tula will be held at the museum of weapons at the weekend.

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