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Defense will no longer buy diesel below the "Euro-3?. Ministry explains its decision that the high sulfur fuel oil is only suitable for the old equipment, which the Russian army is almost gone. Thus, manufacturers of diesel fuel with a sulfur content of 0.2% will be forced to send the product to export or illegal to sell it under the guise of heating oil or marine fuel in Russia, "Kommersant".

Defense Ministry warned oil companies that will not in the future, the purchasing high sulfur fuel oil, sources have told the market. In the office is not officially comment, but a source in the Defense Ministry confirmed that next year will be really buying is significantly reduced.

Together, as amended by the technical regulations "On requirements to gasoline" change for which a January 1, 2013 banned the turnover of fuel "Euro-2?, In September 2011, ceased to have effect and paragraph 11 of the technical regulations of motor fuel, which entered into force in 2008. This item allows oil companies over three years to traffic "diesel fuel used for agricultural and off-highway vehicles with a mass fraction of sulfur 0.2%." Defense was then given the right to continue the purchase of diesel fuel. The main victim in September 2011 was JSC Russian Railways, which was the largest consumer of sour diesel in the country (3-3.5 million tons per year). For the year the company managed to solve this problem by partial modernization of the fleet and the use of diesel fuel with sulfur content greater than 0.05%.

At the moment, the production of high-sulfur diesel continues in the factories of some large Russian oil companies — the Achinsk and Komsomolsk refineries and the Angarsk Petrochemical "Rosneft", "Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical", Omsk and Moscow refineries, "Gazprom oil", several refineries of LUKOIL, Ryazan NPK TNK-BP, on independent Afipsky and Krasnodar Refinery. Total production of diesel fuel with a sulfur content of 0.2%, according to the information-analytical center "Cortez" in 2011 was 24.5 million tons, and for the first six months of 2012 — 5.3 million tons, representing a decrease of production of the product in half. Precise data on the Defense Ministry did not disclose the purchase. According to the publication, in 2012 the department put up for auction 20 lots for the supply of diesel fuel totaling 135 thousand tons, but the contracts were awarded only in nine of them.

Maxim Nazarov from Reuters sees no problem for Russian companies that the Ministry of Defense has decided to abandon the high-sulfur diesel. According to him, the surplus produced in the country of poor product will go for export, as happened in 2011 with the fuel, which is not consistent with the changes made to the technical regulations.

General Director of the research group "Petromarket" Yakov Ruderman notes that "if a product with a sulfur content of 0.2% is made, it is likely either for export to the CIS countries, or sold by manufacturers in the domestic market as heating or domestic ship low-viscosity, but diesel fuel. " "And that’s what this product make buyers more open question", — the expert adds. He explains that customers can use high-sulfur diesel fuel in engines as their transport and any other equipment, "which is their own business," or to sell at a gas station called "diesel", which is illegal.

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