Good afternoon. Long overdue question about a certain public news resource for fans of "Locomotive", which could be freely available to all and sundry. As the link to the site unitedsouth.ru not always possible to expose and stupid copy of the materials is not very interesting, so we offer you a new online publication for the fans and for fans FKLM may read it, and fans of other clubs! "Digest" will be published under the auspices of the IPO CO "Locomotive", but the materials affect our whole movement. Distribution of free and only in the online version (a reservation, print and rasdacha welcome))). Issues will be offered every month since January 2010! Above all, do not invite all to refuse to participate in the activities of a magazine! Any help is encouraged: the regrowth of the material, photographs, possible help with translating from different languages, and any other useful! action! Digest 1 (January 2010) is available [url = http://www.unitedsouth.ru/forum/index.php?automodule=blog&blogid=4&showentry=8] here [/ url] Digest 2 (February 2010) available

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