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Effect discovered by Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov, more than ten years of Russian scientists held in secret. He not only broke the harmony of all the previously accepted theories and concepts, but also became a scientific illustration of the coming global catastrophe.

Effect Dzhanibekova

It is known a great many scientific hypotheses about the so-called end of the world. The statements of various scientists to change the poles of the earth are prevalent for decades. But despite the fact that many of them have a slim theoretical evidence, none of these hypotheses can not be tested experimentally. Indeed, one can hardly on the experience to make sure that the perpetrators of the planetary shift tumbling magmatic layers. Or clearly see whether the earth will turn over, if we melt the ice of Antarctica. But in our country, where for many years, these assumptions were considered obscurantism, phantasmagoria and pseudoscience, their reality for the first time and were able to prove and illustrate.
Of history, and especially the recent history of science, known for vivid examples, when in the process of testing and experiments, scientists faced with the phenomena of going against all the previously accepted scientific theories. It refers to such unexpected discovery made in 1985 by Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov. During the flight to the space station "Salyut-7", he drew attention to the effect, inexplicable from the point of view of modern mechanics and aerodynamics. Culprit was the opening of an ordinary nut. Watching her flight into space cab, astronaut noticed the strange features of its behavior. It was found that when the rotating body in weightlessness through a strictly defined time intervals change the axis of rotation, making a revolution of 180 degrees. The center of gravity of the body continues to uniform rectilinear motion. Even then cosmonaut suggested that such "strange behavior" are real and for our planet and for each of its spheres individually. So, you can not just talk about the reality of the infamous corner of the world, but also a new way to present the tragedy of past and future global catastrophes on Earth, which, like any physical body, subject to the general laws of nature.
Why is it so important discovery held back? The fact that this effect has allowed to put aside all previously put forward the hypothesis and approach the problem with a very different perspective. The situation is unique — an experimental evidence came earlier than was proposed by the hypothesis itself. To create a sound theoretical base, Russian scientists were forced to revise a number of laws of classical and quantum mechanics. Over proofs worked great team of experts from the Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, and the International Science and Technology Center payloads of space objects. It took more than a decade. And ten years, scientists have tracked without notice to this effect foreign astronauts. But foreigners are probably nuts in space does not spin, so that we not only have priority in the discovery of this scientific problem, but almost two decades ahead of the whole world in her study.
For a time it was thought that the phenomenon has a scientific interest. And only from the time when it was possible in theory to prove his legitimacy, opening found its practical value. It has been shown that changes in the Earth's axis is not mysterious hypotheses archeology and geology, and natural event in the history of the planet. More intelligible nature of these disasters such as typhoons, hurricanes, floods and floods associated with global displacements of the atmosphere and hydrosphere of the planet. The main revelation for scientists is the fact that it is some of the aspects of human activity can lead to ominous prospects of the disaster today.

The war on demand

Once upon a time, even the great Einstein recognized the correctness of Tagore that no ingenious theory, equations, and the system is not able to calculate or predict the manifestation of the will of higher powers or unknown to science processes, even in the very near future. Einstein realized that even the great scientist is not entitled to assume the functions of God. But, seeing as Einstein's idol, many of these modern scientific figures of his conclusions prefer not to remember, the fascination with academic schools narrow specialization has led to the fact that many modern scientists simply need pristavit for "personal Tagore", so they did not forget to look wider and their research and their possible consequences. And here's why.
We have long made it clear that the conduct of nuclear war threatens the destruction of all mankind. But is nuclear? The discovery of the Dzhanibekova makes it clear that a global catastrophe may conduct any war, including the "scientific."
Recall the continuing debate about the "climate wars". Modern science is really in a position to answer the questions of how, where and what to blow up, for example, to prevent an earthquake with all its terrible consequences. It seems to be a bright and worthy idea. But. . . Specialists forget about global environmental consequences that may result in an explosive way. And they are able to cause such resonance factors that tomorrow we will feel the effect of proof Dzhanibekova the hard way.
Recently, the head of the department of forecasting natural risks of the National Committee of the environmental safety Victor Frolov, deputy director NIIEM MGSCH member of the Board of Directors of the very center of loads of useful space, which was engaged in the theoretical basis of the opening, Michael Khlystunov issued a joint report, which severely disrupted optimistically naive attitude of scientists to these problems. Considered as an example of the possible consequences of intensive bombing conditional islands in the Pacific Ocean. Not atomic bombings, as usual, such as those that led the American pilots in Yugoslavia. By the way, the mathematical model of conditional island was chosen precisely with a view to the problem of scientific drowned in the political debate around the management of these operations.
Thus, the bombing carried out (suspended) nights for 30 days. Only this time on the island could be dropped over 2,000 bombs average power equivalent to 100 kilograms of TNT. The results of assessing the impact of such attacks, such as the atmospheric processes, can cause shock even the most courageous optimist. It is calculated that the total amount allocated by the explosions of energy is 20 times higher than the permissible value. What is the threat? In this case, the artificial increase of the temperature of the surface layers of the atmosphere will lead to the fact that the first on the coast of South-East Asia, India and Australia will collapse powerful tornado vortex type, and then in the territories and in Latin America, which from tornadoes may uberegut mountains A drought. In the surrounding areas, by contrast, will begin flooding. And so on. And so forth. Nature resonates to such abuse, as known from the time of each school physics lessons bridge that broke striding up a company of soldiers.
The report on the effect of Dzhanibekova first reported by the world community. Informed of the moral and ethical considerations. Hide from humanity to the disaster would prestupleneniem. But the theoretical part of our scientists hold for the "lock and key". And it's not just the ability to sell yourself know-how, but also the fact that it is directly related to the amazing capabilities of forecasting natural processes.

The jump in the macrocosm

The discovery of the Dzhanibekova the impetus for the development of an entirely new field of science that deals with psevdokvantovymi processes, that is, quantum processes that occur in the macrocosm.
Scientists are always talking about some obscure race when it comes to quantum processes. In normal macro like everything is smooth, even sometimes very quickly, but consistently. And in a laser or a different chain-reaction processes occur abruptly. That is, until they started all the formulas described by one after — is quite different, and about the process — zero information. It was believed that all this is only a microcosm. The discovery of the first Dzhanibekova seriously shaken his confidence. It turned out that this is possible and under normal conditions.
To make such a jump has occurred, it is enough to accumulate a certain energy. For example, it accumulates in the atmosphere, "thanks to the" continuous operation of nuclear and thermal power plants, factories and other man-made activities of mankind. As explained by Professor Khlystunov when some seemingly low-power, but the permanent processes of the planet's atmosphere is inflated, it can lead to the fact that at a certain accumulation of this amount will go into effect quality. Then jump is possible, which will lead to a change of poles or powerful atmospheric processes.
Particularly feel excited resonances. For example, the same laser is activated in the resonator. For the Earth, such as the causative agent can serve as internal factors (explosions, earthquakes, etc.), and external, such as a comet on one of the planets of our solar system, or the birth of a supernova.
Study psevdokvantovyh processes, and "tracking" of their agents gave into the hands of our scientists knowledge by which they are already able to predict not only natural disasters, but also other events. Let us recall the biblical parable of Joseph and Pharaoh. Joseph came to Pharaoh, as the bearer of divine knowledge. He said that if Pharaoh uses this knowledge, "He's over seven years to gather all the gold in the world." From the stories we remember that Egypt was indeed long been the richest and most powerful nation … Does not this "Joseph" were we are today in the face of Russian science?
In our satellites and space stations are constantly carrying out dozens of different measurements. By studying cosmic phenomena such as changes in solar activity, the explosion of the comet Shoemaker-Levy on Jupiter and its impact on the earth resonance, summing it all with earthly disasters, the scientists of the Centre, which employs Michael Khlystunov make predictions that for five years now find their full confirmation.

Save Our Goodness

About the end of the world is said and written a lot. In the natural axis of the natural processes of our planet is changing about once every twenty-two thousand years. Given that the last such disaster, according to scientists, there was less than ten thousand years ago, humanity seems to be enough time to figure out how to survive the next one. But … Science says that humanity is one step closer this natural landmark. The possibility of man-made disasters such excitement at all — the reality of today.
In his famous novel "The Gods Themselves" by Isaac Asimov, the Americans recognized the most intelligent writers of the XX century, models a situation somewhat similar to the present one. Earth civilization faces a choice: either to enjoy gratuitous energy to enjoy its benefits, but lost. Or save the universe, but to give up all the best. The writer not only foresaw that such a problem will be faced by humanity, but also the fact that refuse benefits conquered it will not. Output proposed in Asimov's novel — to find a way without depriving themselves of benefits to make use of this energy safely. In the novel, it was possible, but whether we have today?
— Unfortunately, we can not prevent the danger, without giving up the work of an approaching catastrophe, — says Mikhail Khlystunov. — But stop the nuclear power stations, we certainly will not. If scientists in one voice to scream: "Guys, enough to tear bombs!" or "Let's stop nuclear power plants", all rested not a question of trust, and consumer pragmatism. Imagine a huge industry that employs thousands of people, from workers to scientific experts. How to deal with them in case it turns out that their activity accelerates, leading to the death of civilization? There is a conflict between the public and personal.
— Apparently, there is such a moment — continues scholar — when humanity will believe in dead-end of each of the individual paths, will find that the only right one, which is somewhere in between. In the end, should reach the majority, it is necessary to accurately calculate the consequences of the development of our technosphere. And while in another not — to adopt the principles which even hit "on the wallet", but will save from the worst. Today is enough inventions that reduce the use of oil and nuclear power. For example, developed an environmentally friendly car engines that run on water, due to its splitting into hydrogen and oxygen. On the Norwegian coast is in full swing the use of wind energy, which is a transformation of solar energy, and thus does not accumulate in the atmosphere. In Germany, the use of heat pumps that pump heat from the atmosphere, displayed on the level of the government program. Suppose you can not completely eliminate the use of nuclear energy, such as ice-breakers, or from petroleum products in the aviation industry. But to reduce their impact can be devastating.
Summarizing all the above, I would like to quote a dedication to the novel "The Gods Themselves." In Isaac Asimov reads: "Dedicated to humanity in the hope that the war on recklessness still to be won.


Oleg stalls, "the Russian newspaper" № 48

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