Digital Communication Systems Radiozavod them. AS Popova surpass foreign analogues

By order of the Omsk Production Association "Radio Plant named after A. Popov, "A comparative analysis of the performance characteristics of digital communication systems in service with the armies of the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Turkey and the United States.
The experts evaluated the digital stations for special purposes, used in the tactical and operational-tactical levels of management:
in their ability to work in a complex electromagnetic environment and electronic countermeasures (security systems);
on the ability to function in the degradation of the individual fragments (stability of the system);
on the ability to withstand environmental factors and combat exposure (survivability).
Comprehensive analysis confirmed the capability of communication systems outstripping production OmPA "Radiozavod them. AS Popova "in comparison with communications made in the USA, Germany, Italy and the UK. Mobility, the coefficient of readiness of equipment and energy potential of digital communication systems of production OmPA "Radiozavod them. AS Popova "dramatically different.

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