Digital sleeping pills — an application for Android

Application for phones and tablets on the OS Android, created by Russian developer, based on real medical prerparate. Prototype ceiling sends pulsating beam of light with which the user must synchronize breathing. Light flares — a breath, the light fades — exhale. Following this frequency is produced by a method of deep breathing yoga. As a result, the body stops generation of the stress hormone — cortisol. And the man goes to sleep for 10 minutes without pills or special training.

The developer came to the conclusion that a mobile phone can do the same as a device that stands, by the way, about 3000 rubles. So now no need to buy any of this drug, or carry it with you, so that it takes up too much space and to buy the batteries. Moreover, functional greatly expanded.For example, the mobile phone is setting the pulse rate, which in the prototype do not. Through this, you can set the frequency of breathing, for example, for children who breathe more adults. In addition, the application can set the timer pulse. Moreover, the application also feature built-in night light. Light Screen Phone softly illuminates the room as an adult or a child falls asleep. And then he turned off.

And now the most important thing: In addition to the paid version, which costs only (compared to the cost of the prototype, or compared with the weekly purchase of sleeping pills, which are ambiguous effect on health) of 95 rubles, and there is a free version. In the paid version, you can set the sleep timer: 10 — 60 minutes (only 15 free), select the color ripple: green, blue, red, yellow, white, and smooth mobility of colors (the free white only). But the most interesting — the paid version — it support ripple sound of human breathing. The sound itself is mesmerizing and lulls even better than just throbbing like a metronome. But this free version has all the functionality. 

The man who first tested the program, said this:

"This afternoon has tested a new application that helps you fall asleep quickly. Launched — and immediately fell asleep. Woke up in 14 hours. Thought maybe I accidentally fell asleep. Turned on again. And went back to sleep. Woke up in 17 hours." Well, how about now, wondering " . Fell asleep to 20.00. Works. "

The first reviews are wary. Indeed, people are frustrated "people" or "Tibetan" healing and suspicious of free and really useful in this product. This is what said by the developers:

"I must say that we did not expect good reviews and ratings. Quite hard to believe that this method works. Even when we are tested the app is not very hard to believe in the method. Though we know its rationale. Sinhroniziruesh you breath, and just think: "something does not work, does not help", and after 10 minutes suddenly fall asleep. "

That is — some of the reviews:

Paradoxically, but puts in a minute … Raised its rating to 5. Thank you
Thought nonsense! T.k.vesit But a little and I have a problem with sleep-Download! Immediately opened, check! 20 seconds. Watched, then turned off the breathing and realized that dying to sleep, can you imagine! This is hypnotic, and no harm to the body! HUGE THANK YOU!))))


To sum up: "Sleeping pills for Android" — a Russian unique design that can be used absolutely free of charge (or support the developer and download the paid version). Download from any part of the world in the phone OS Android. This is in contrast to the sleeping pills tablets will not be harm to health. The method does not require any training.

During the first week of the app hit the top health for Android.

The program will be useful not only for those who have difficulty sleeping. For example, the man woke up late on Sunday, at 15.00: slept. And on Monday have to get up early and go to sleep should be at 23.00. But sleep does not go, because the man had only recently woken up. With this application the user can fully control the onset of sleep, and sleep at any desired time.


PS. There was never specified address on Play.Google, as it is sufficient to write in the search "Sleeping pills" to find the application. However, that address (b / n version):


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