Disclosed details of the new Ukrainian crank Svitjaz


General Director of Ukrainian companies on the development of telecommunications equipment "Telecard-device" Nikolai Pugachev told about the details of the new command and staff vehicle BTR-02-70Di "Svitjaz", made on the basis of the upgraded BTR-70.

According to the head of the enterprise, prototypes crank "Svitjaz" were pre-tested and are now preparing for the state tests, which will be held in October-November. "Svitjaz" was developed as a logical extension of the integrated communication equipment (CAS). And if the CAS deploys infrastructure communication center control point, the crank can connect to these data networks and build them.

With "Svityaz" management units will be on the radio, and on such a relatively new means of communication for the army as WiMAX and Wi-Fi. In addition, the facilities will be provided by video surveillance and video transmission, and will be used for the first time data transmission by radio with IP-protocols.

According Pugacheva, the development of crank a few times to change approaches to the structure of the machine. The final version should get a good one. He also expressed the hope that next year the company will be able to test the crank with foreign counterparts in exercises in Germany.

As the blog of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, CSV is based on the BTR-70 is chosen as the basis for the Ukrainian army. Base BTR-4 at best be used as a base for advanced Powertrain "second stage".

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