Disenchantment with Rain

Nothing, probably, "Rain" has invited me to visit Zhores Ivanovich Alferov.

They had planned to talk to him about the current topics of our time, which excite all progressive society, not only in our country but throughout the world.

At first, of course, and the role of the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church in Russia.

Zhores started talking quite outrageous things that the world of the Slavs as a result of the idiocy of what happened 20 years ago, was split. The fact that the ROC does a great job combining the Slavs, that during the war, people were thrown into the battle with the slogan "The Slavs, go ahead."

These things declare to the liberal television is not allowed. But dear person allowed to talk a little bit, and then killed or transferred to a more interesting topic.

About pusey.

Here, Zhores not stand for the first time. And said, "If I knew you I was called here to talk about it, I would not have come."

The reporters did not hesitate and went to all kinds of scientific. As sharp and life.

For example, why Russia does not produce iPhones. And very clearly hinted guest that you need to answer.

But Zhores supply has taken and has the power to curse and Russian for the failure to produce such stuff.

For some reason he started talking about the fact that the Soviet Union was an empire microelectronics. What worked in this industry 3 million people in all 15 republics that were 3000 companies and 400 research institutes.

That what was done in these companies, it was at that time the highest level of technology and competitors we were the only two countries — the United States and the Netherlands.

That in 1991 came true nightmare of Soviet scientists that the industry will collapse. What remains of the microelectronics industry is only in Russia and Belarus.


Here journalists realized it, the guest is not talking about that. The aim was also to show how bad the science now, and not in the blessed Yeltsin era.

And so was asked an important question:

And that, everything is so bad now that even the resuscitation does not help? After falling satellites, rockets do not take off.

And then Zhores angry second time. And said that the journalists seem to be listening, but always make the wrong conclusions. And nepolzhivyh attacked journalists for what they write all sorts of nonsense in the media. That from his point of view is unacceptable.

So right and said, "It makes no sense to talk to people who hear the bell, but do not know where he is. I am deeply sorry that I came to this transfer. You and I are in different worlds and different all understand. The only explanation I have is I can not. It’s necessary to read the other lectures I can talk to you about flowers and flower beds. Therefore, the conversation did not make it. "

Journalists, of course, offended. But we tried to pull myself together and went. They also had to bring the scientist to the right conclusions!

And again, back to relevant topics:

"Why do they do, and we do not have?"

Again guest did not accept the submission. And did not scold, "this country." And trying to explain that 20 years ago … He was not allowed to finish. And asked a trick question:

"A GLONASS — a good system?"

Again Zhores not justified. He said that it was not his subject, but as far as he knows, this is a good system.

And then in turn went to the heavy artillery. About nanotechnology. Because everyone knows that this is nonsense and cut money.

And a guest here again began to get angry. Said that we are ahead of the world in this field for 7 years, which started work in this direction in 1992, and the Americans in 1999, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the conference will be held "Physics and technology of nanostructures."

That is, again, not justified.

And then followed by a nuclear attack:


This is where it usually sports journalists. It’s their theme! Especially because Alferov — Co Skolkovo Scientific Advisory Council.

And since Skolkovo created to launder money. That is, they had to be sure to catch the tail of a scientist. After all, they also know exactly what to not Skolkovo fund, and academic campuses and centers. Zhores agreed that there is a problem. But it can be solved.

Again he began to talk not about that. Said that Skolkovo — is not the territory, and the ideology that they do not hold conferences there, and in different scientific centers of the country and the world. For example, in Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk, where it is not ashamed to invite world-class scientists in Berlin, where the achievements of scientists from the GDR are very high in Minsk …

Hearing the word "Minsk", journalists, of course, chuckled. Because of the Belarusian totalitarianism science can not develop. And for that chuckle again received from the scientist …

Again Zhores tried to tell reporters that Skolkovo — a platform for the development of high technology, that for 20 years the world has not witnessed major scientific discoveries, but the technology raced ahead, if we want to get off the raw needle urgently needs to develop high technology.

But it was not that. Everything. Therefore, the guest again interrupted.

And went to the thorny question of "brain drain abroad." Guest did not support this theme. He said that the staff are preparing, and not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is good that now returns the interest in engineering work. And so there is competition in high school.

And then quite disappointed journalists, saying that the highest salaries for scientists were in 1946, when a young PhD, who had just come in NII, earned 3,000 rubles, about as much as a plant manager.

But every liberal knows exactly what all the scientific discoveries at that time took place in the "sharashkas" in different circles of hell.

And then Jaures Alferov said outrageous thing:

What he appreciates the Prime Minister, with whom he has a full understanding and that does a lot for the development of science and high technology in Russia.

And in the end killed the Liberals, saying that he is a supporter of communist ideas, the Communist philosophy. Although not a member of the Communist Party.

In general, the Nobel Prize-winning journalist disappointed "Rain." And for that he only award given?

Such unintelligent scientists liberals do not need.

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