Distinguish the fake from the real emerald possible through the packaging

Developers of Chernogolovki at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum presented analyzer for the determination of various substances through the transparent packaging.

Resident company of nuclear cluster Skolkovo "RamMiks" introduced the original device that allows you to determine the composition of the substance on the Raman spectra and fluorescence scattering.

The opening of the Raman effect — Raman — deserves its own story. Studies of light scattering was performed independently of each other in 1928 and Moscow State University. MV University, and the University of Calcutta. , LI Mandelstam and Grigory Landsberg Samuilovich got the results a week earlier Indian colleagues Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman and Seshagiri Rao. But either because of political considerations, or because the Indian Physics at the opening of Mandelstam and Landsberg has published 16 papers on the topic of the behavior of light in liquids and vapors, the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930 went to Ramana.Maybe, according to tradition, perhaps in opposition to Indian scientists, Russian physicists continued to be called the Raman effect Raman scattering of light. The essence open effect is that the molecules of the substance has a large amount of vibrational and rotational degrees of freedom, which appear in the spectrum of the scattered light in a set of lines each of which is characterized by the individual spectral position and relative intensity. Together with fluorescent scattering of the technology used in the devices’ RamMiks ", allows you to get a much more complete information on the test substance, since these two types of light scattering related to different physical characteristics of the substance.


Exhibition device is a small box attached to the computer. Vial with an unknown substance is placed in a special compartment, and within seconds, the screen displays information about what is in the test tube. Depending on the setting, the device determines the structure as pure substances and mixtures thereof.


Analyzer can be applied in many fields. The company has already entered into an agreement with the Customs Service, where there is the need to identify gemstones. Also, the device can be used to identify counterfeit products. Device became interested in one of the largest manufacturers of cell phones, which is faced with the fact that you can only identify the fraud on the composition of plastic, which is made from the phone. (!)

The device is already in demand among researchers from around the world. It chemists, pharmacists, physicists, biologists, in short, those professionals who care accurately and quickly determine the composition of the material with which they work.
Another promising area of application of the device — regulatory authorities and security services. With the analyzer can instantly identify drugs, explosives and other dangerous substances.

Developers and think that on the basis of the instrument can be made portable analyzer biological fluids, i.e. some medical tests that we go to the clinic to take, you can do at home, and almost instantly.

Another ambitious goal, they want to solve the authors of the project — to create a fundamentally new type of sequencers (instruments for determining DNA sequences). To do this, the Raman scattering of light from a single molecule of DNA to be amplified several-fold special substrates of gold or silver that allow you to analyze ultra-small amount of substance.


Author: Julia Smirnova

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