Division URALMASHZAVOD — VNIIPTMASH NGOs — has entered the market of Uzbekistan

NPO "VNIIPTMASH" (a subsidiary of URALMASHZAVOD) completed the reconstruction of the foundry crane in the open-hearth shop of "Uzbek Metallurgical Plant". Crane lifting capacity of 30 125 t worked at the plant for more than 50 years. During the reconstruction of the main lift crane capacity was increased to 160 tons by increasing steel main beams, construction of a new truck and traverse. This will allow the company to use the bucket larger capacity and, hence, increase the output of steel. After the reconstruction of the crane was successfully static, dynamic and hot tests, after which he was handed over bodies of the Uzbek State Technical Supervision.

General Director of NGO "VNIIPTMASH" Sergei Kalyuzhin noted the importance of the performance of contracts for the development of long-term trends — the modernization of overhead cranes taking into account the current requirements in metallurgy, machinery and other industries.

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