Dmitry Chernyshenko: Objects in Sochi should not be a monument to our ambitions

  • President of the Organizing Committee "Sochi-2014" Dmitry CHERNYSHENKO.  Photo by T. DOROGUTINOY, "SE"
  • President of the Organizing Committee "Sochi-2014" Dmitry CHERNYSHENKO. Photo by T. DOROGUTINOY, "SE"


Very soon, on February 7, before the opening of the Sochi Olympics will be exactly one year. Shortly before the date of the round head of the Organizing Committee of the Games came to a meeting with reporters, where most spoke frankly on the most relevant topics of Sochi in 2014.


— I keep telling his staff: "When you survive the test events, the Olympics itself you will no longer be afraid of," — began Chernishenko. — After all, what is the game? In fact, the same test event, only a short deadline.

We have already held in Sochi three important tests: the final "Grand Prix" Figure Skating World Cup in ski jumping and international training week in a sleigh. This season will be held another 19 events not below the level of the World Cup. Sochi accidental hit the top ten cities, conducting the largest number of sports tournaments. The neighborhood is so flattering that even inconvenient to list: New York, London, Melbourne, Vancouver.

Test tournaments on this scale — in Vancouver, there were three times less — pay for new facilities. Each of them is not enough to build in time. Need to breathe life into them and "pristrelyat" command, which will hold the competitions themselves. Descent of the international federations do not give — we can not tell them that something does not work out.


Blank stands for figure skating tournament was not caused by a lack of demand for tickets. Demand was just gigantic. But the fact is that each event has its own "passport", which spelled out many things, including the expected number of viewers.

The Olympic Park is still a construction site. We can not let the buses go to the audience with such intensity to fill the stands. More precisely, we can, but then you have to stop the construction. When the time to completion of the order of days, even hours, you need to clearly prioritize.

According to the "passport", the maximum number of spectators at the finals of the "Grand Prix" was 5,600. Capacity of the palace from the gallery — 12000. The stands were filled with just as much as we had planned.


The recently adopted a law to limit speculation in the sale of Olympic tickets. It involves multi-million dollar fines for organizations and individuals in any attempt to cash in on the tickets. Characteristically, the law provides for cases in court — not more than ten days. It is clear, right? The violence is fast. All of this should cool the ardor of professional dealers, which are often international organizations and the use of modern technology.

All tickets will be sold over the Internet. Of course, there are special hacking programs that simulate an order with a huge number of tickets dummy addresses, which are then redeemed from the mythical persons and true. As a rule, other resellers. We therefore chose a German company Eventim, that it has proven its leadership by taking part in the organization of events of such magnitude as the Olympic Games and the football World Cup. What will be the mechanism for the sale of tickets and prices? All the details we’ll Feb. 7, exactly one year before the Games begin.


The population of Sochi — about 400,000 people. In this case, only one certified by the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games of hotel rooms will be 41,000. The proportion is much more favorable than, for example, in Moscow.

Since the owners of these hotels Organizing Committee at the time signed an agreement that if Sochi wins the right to host Olympics, they undertake to extend the 2014 numbers on a pre-negotiated rates. For example, a three-star room during the Games will cost $ 100 to $ 130. Now these prices in Sochi are long gone.

Then, in 2005, we have made these prices in the bid book and is now fulfilling its obligations. Some hotel owners have spared you for agreeing with those of our prices, but it was all to be honest, on a voluntary basis.

The essence of the agreement was that the government has offered a "deal": the owners are not cashing in on Olympic guests and in return get promoted city, a huge number of tourists, new roads and the environment — in fact removed from the landfill. You can for the sake of a few weeks to suffer? I also think that you can.

This 41,000 rooms, we are certified according to international stardom. Approximately 20,000 will be given to participants and guests of the Games. The rest will go to the free market through the town center accommodation Sochi. We will make sure that these places are given to those who have tickets, without cheating.

Of course, anyone who wants to come in Sochi, there is always an alternative in the form of so-called housing for rent and those hotels, resorts, that in our program were not included. To adjust their prices, we need to sign contracts with the grandmothers who rent rooms in her apartment. But neither we nor the grandparents do not need it.


As you know, Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on the establishment of a state commission headed by Dmitry Kozak. This is the supreme organ of coordination of the various departments involved in the preparation for the Games. In the event of any incidents and challenges both in Sochi and beyond, the Commission is able to make quick effective solutions. So that the "city thought — are teaching." Olympics to be held in any weather, regardless of whether there is snow or not. And so on.

Registered about three thousand different levels of risk. There is a special regulation response, agreed by all participants. In the case of an extraordinary situation everyone will know exactly what to do.

The first large-scale exercise will be held on February 4.

Bike we are not inventing. Similar exercises were held in Vancouver and London, where the upper level of management was the cabinet of David Cameron. Perhaps not quite correct to compare the state of our country, especially because they are different, but it is clear that we are talking about the top leadership.

February 7 will arrive in Sochi 70 delegations of national Olympic committees. Our President and head of the IOC will invite them to the Games in 2014. Well, it’s such a beautiful tradition. In addition, we present a complete dossier Games the IOC, a detailed write out all of our services, and services. They will look at how we work, how to manage risks. Do not forget that the games themselves belong to exactly the IOC and the Organising Committee we are, in fact, working for the franchise.

Since the IOC in all that relates to the Olympics, understand better than anyone, they will be with us strictly accountable. And then give estimates. Do we really are coming such a good game? Is it good Olympic Village? Was it right to make the concept of a unified Olympic Park?


Legacy for Russia and the whole world was one of the reasons why the IOC gave the Games in Sochi.

We think a lot of the heritage. Hard to ensure that, as rightly said Sergei Stepashin, "objects in Sochi work, and are not just consumers of budget money." There should be a clear strategy, and such developed by the Ministry of Regi
onal Development. At the same time, everyone understands that the Olympic Park and all facilities should operate as a single complex. Only then can we hope that the facilities will come someday become self-sufficient and not become a monument of our ambitions.

For me it is obvious that the Olympic construction has introduced new for Russia "green" building standards. We showed the world that can build a civilized manner, and not necessarily at the same time destroy the whole of nature. These new standards are gradually becoming mandatory across the country. Same story with the media accessibility for people with disabilities. Wonderful, right legacy.


The Olympic Torch Relay will go all across Russia for 123 days, will pass through 3,000 communities. I see the torch as a unique opportunity for the Russians re-acquainted with his country. New Russia — a country is young, but there are specific reasons to sum up some results. Games — a very good reason. It is for him the whole world will draw conclusions about how Russia has changed in the last 20 years.

Of course, we will seek a balance in each city. In Moscow, the baton will last two days. How to make sure that it did not cause negative people? How to give the city a holiday, but did not stop his life and did not draw criticism for being in favor of the relay, we ignored the interests of the citizens?

Of course, have to go to the dynamic road closures in the interest of safety, but it does not mean you have to block all around for several kilometers. I have no doubt: the interest in the relay will be huge, but we need to remember that life goes on.

Participation in the relay will take a lot of well-known Russian people. At the same time we want to have carried the Olympic torch as many ordinary citizens.


I regularly ask for forgiveness from fellow what is now happening in Sochi painful mutation city’s entire system — from the menus in restaurants to transport efficiency. After all, the city has historically been the object of private transportation business — it flooded the huge number of "gazelles" to spontaneous routes.

And the slopes in Sochi historically had two: Resort prospectus and the road into the mountains. We now have two backup prospect appeared, connecting routes between them, a large number of junctions. Some road sections only put into operation, I do sometimes get lost in the interchanges. I go over them in circles, in any way to get the parents can not.

But this year things will start to work in the Olympic mode. When will earn all the junctions, when the new transport system will recover when the Sochi residents get used to the new buses and routes in the city is sure to appreciate. Already set up automated movements that are struggling with traffic jams. We dream to be in Sochi, as in London, where 80,000 of the traffic lights 70 percent worked in the automatic mode. Since its transport problems are solved by the modern city.


In this story, there was a pair of single notorious cases. When the president said that was not offended, some have decided that you can try to achieve the impossible.

There is more information on this. If you look at the amount of compensation, you’ll see that some received 800,000 dollars for the construction, which is similar to the commercial value, of course, do not have. In the Imereti Valley, in fact, was nothing but swamps — that’s why it remained virtually undeveloped. No one there is nothing serious, except the house of Uncle Pumpkin could not build.

Despite this, the state is the most tactful of people resettled. The builders were unprecedented things, such as doing solo projects.

Before the Olympics in London, everything was different. When the British built their Olympic Park (in a residential area of Stratford. —Approx. SB), Was the so-called compulsory purchase order. It works like this: you take away from the territory, and after the Games can be any legal proceedings. This is despite the fact that Stratford had many business enterprises, and organizations with the business to have more complicated than with individuals. But the numbers of resettlement in London and Sochi approximately similar.


How are my parents for the Olympics? They are the ambassadors of the Games, communicate with all local. Kritikanov on Cherry Street, where they live, there is not. Everyone can see that electricity were off less often, with all the gas well, there are new roads. Administrative resources? Oh, come on! Those potholes near the house that at all.

There was one such road near their home — is a joy. So, the son will be able to quickly get to them from the airport. I live in Moscow since 1985, and when I was 7 years ago was invited to engage in the Games, I thought, "What a joy, parents often will see." It did not quite true. Of course, I spend more time in Sochi, than in Moscow, but also to the parents of the mountains is not much impact. Not enough time.


Now I’ll tell you my favorite story about the volunteer movement. Were hotheads who said: "Dima, we need to create a government program funding and volunteer centers to send money there." "Yes, in any case, — I answered. — You will kill the volunteer movement in the bud. Create the traditional Russian businesses, and volunteers will not appear."

I could easily agree with the Governor Tkachev, and all we need 25,000 volunteers to take from the Krasnodar region, where learning about 100,000 students. But what did we do?

We went through a complex selection of regional volunteer centers. And the thieves took no schools, and were looking for the real centers of voluntary movement, where they work in a good crazy people who spend their youth — a non-renewable resource — to help others. They found 26 such centers.

What happened? Already, Russia went from zero to eighth in the world in terms of the development of the volunteer movement. Here is my prediction: after the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we will have millions of young people for whom volunteering — the meaning and style of life. They are nobody else will say, "Oh, guys, well, that came from. Wonder — and let us something about it."

No, they will be in demand and recognized. They will find a lot of regular, hard work, to which these people will consciously. And for that, they will be grateful.

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